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Wacky Wednesday

I know it is not wednesday. But last year I took AP Biology and we had this thing called wacky wednesday, it was where you had to present about a topic that was scientific but seemed crazy to you.

I bring this up because of the post on treeman. This was one of the wacky wednesday posts last year. Another was about the family of blue people, due to a rare blood disorder, adding more  methemoglobin  into their blood causing a pigment discoloration. These people were basically exhaled for many years and live together in a small area in Kentucky.

One was about the man who had a twin living inside him. He had a large belly his whole life, because his body had consumed his twin’s body in the womb. They finally decided to remove it when he was 36, there was almost a full person inside him at that point.

There was a giant isopod that was found by a deep sea robo-sub. Basically picture a yard sized version of those rollie pollie bugs that you played with as a child. Due to the intense pressured that  occur at the deep sea levels animals there tend to grow much larger than they would at other levels in the ocean.  In Japan they eat these things as a delicacy, like crab.

I want to see what you guys can come up with. So what are some crazy scientific discoveries/ abnormalities/ or oddities that you find?

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  1. October 22, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    hmm.. I thought the more pressure there is, the more the animals are squished, so they grow less. Oh well.

    And yea, the Japanese eat anything that moves! And everything that doesn’t move either. If it’s organic, they will find a way to consume it LOL.

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