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Lost phone?

April 30, 2012 1 comment

Hey everyone!

Do you eve feel paranoid or anxious when you don’t have your cell phone around you?

Then you might have nomophobia, a fear of being without a cellphone.

The word nomophobia was first used to describe the symptoms of certain people. People felt anxious and nervous without having their cell phone. Now I thought this was too silly to believe. However, my term of communication seems to be very different with kids these days. One, there are multiple communication method other than phone and face to face interaction.

Now there are facebook, skype, and other communication tool. And slowly, each communication tool is being specialized in our daily life. I have also seen the commercial with this woman with a buisness suits saying in a commercial that she never leaves her phone away from her.

I was able to live for 3 days without a phone because I had facebook and other tools to talk to. I actually dont see the need of phone.

Nomophobia — fear of being without your phone — is on the rise –

What do you think?

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Auto-pilot car is the future!

April 2, 2012 4 comments

Take look at this

Hi everyone!! It looks like this google’s auto driving system might true in our daily life, sooner than I thought! This system can change the way we think about where will human habit and how will they transport them selves. I can see it influencing the way we communicates similar to cell phone. In our life cell phone and message texting became an alternative method to communicate with someone else. But what if your car automatically drives yourself to your friends house without actually driving a car, or directly take you to the restaurant without knowing the directions? 

I see a lot of possibility of this auto-pilot system. One way is to secure safety during a transportation in cargo and trucks. For example, in a case of night bus, the driver can set auto-driving  if the driver got too tired. It reduces the risk of accidents and someday automatic AI can d the delivery. And the best part is that so far there is not record of accident while auto-driving. 

What other usage do we have from this auto-pilot?


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Extinction? Not so fast…

March 18, 2012 1 comment

Viewer’s discretion advised:

It is a BUG

 In 1918, some non-native creature named “rats” landed on the island on Lord Howe island and adapted to the new environment. These rats quickly found a new source of healthy foods on this island, and quickly consumed tons of Lord Howe stick insect on this island and literally massacred the only kind of stick insect on the island.

80 years later, the Lord Howe stick insect was founded on the different island called “Ball’s Pyramid,” far from the original Lord Howe island and was inhabited safely.This stick bug is one of the largest of its kind, with a nickname tree lobster, and it is pretty ugly looking bug.

Well, let us think little bit.

Human existence has only helped the process of extinction of many organism including plants as well. Dodo’s, Caspian Tiger and even Steller Sea cow extincted because of our ignorance and lack of love to the nature.

This Lord Howe stick insect was the luckiest one. Similar to how Dodo extincted in the 17th century, by a domesticated dog which the sailors brought with them. Bringing non-native species is a great technique to mess up the Eco-system of the region and speed up the process of extinction.

I am not worried that any of you guys will do such a dumb thing. I am sure we all know the risk of bringing non-native species to other areas. That goes for pets as well. So please try not to domesticate crocodiles in Washington DC. Because crocodiles should not be swimming in the Potomac River, and will eat every single fish.

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kiss, germs and saving babies

February 27, 2012 6 comments

Hello, how are you?

This article is about the research on kissing. the scientists have figure out that kissing is an act of spreading germs from one person to another. And the result of  kissing is pretty phenomenal.  This doctor from University of Leeds said that the purpose of kissing is to trade saliva, and to build up immunity. it is also the part of  protecting pregnant women and its babies from diseases.

I would like to believe that most of our social actions such as handshakes and kisses and hug have a scientific explanation why we do them.  There are decent amount of psychological explanations in out social behaviors, and we all know Mr. Floyd. This is probably the first time I have read that explains our social behavior by biological explanation.

Do you think we some how knew that kissing prevents infection to the baby like by an instinct?

What other social behaviors that you guys can think of which are more like biology than psychology?


If you are germ-phobic I am so sorry, but  I still encourage everyone to kiss their friends, family and  their loved ones.




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When toy becomes high tech

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Hey this is my second post about science!

My name is plankton and I want to take about 4 minutes of your time. Do not worry about the language, but try to stare at this spinning top for the entire movie.

This spinning top won the Japanese spinning top competition on February 2nd, 2012. I have never seen a spinning top that would keep spinning for 3 minutes straight. I do not know exactly how spinning top works, but from my experience from playing with spinning tops, I have never seen such a high-tech toys in my life.

This long-lasting spinning top is only 2cm in diameter, and the company which made this spinning top also handles in creating the pieces for artificial satellite. It is designed to be powered by human fingers and like a normal top there is nothing more or less, except for its size and long endurance.

I saw a true power of craftsmanship and the possibility of science in physics. It is not only about applying our discoveries to practice, but it is also about the science of practicality.

Every useful gadgets is not just simple discovery or creativity put into the technologies. There is also the science of Designing which modifies and shapes the way we see and utilize the gadget. For example, I believe that there is a significant amount of science which distinguishes IPOD and other music players that is out in the market. Even though there are hundreds of music player in the world, why is Ipod the only product to be chosen by the majority of people?

I think the answer is in the design and the science of physics. It is not only about the style and looks, but it is about practicality of the gadgets. If it is human who uses all of those gadget,(maybe there are some outer-space aliens that we do not know, and lives on this planet Earth….)  it had to be scientifically designed to adapt to our body and function without frustrating us. Most of the human have 10 fingers and two hands, so it makes sense if the designers had to associate anatomy and technology.

Also, when technicians designs an efficient gadget, there is the physics aspect of maximizing its potential energy. It is not always about the style but more about practicality. For example, bullet trains are not designed to have the beak like figure in the front of the first car to look cool and futuristic. It is designed to reduce  the air resistance to the lowest point, so there is a scientific reason for its style.

It is difficult to see the hard work and science in our gadget we see in our daily life, but it is extremely dope craftwork.

So second question: what makes ipod so different from other music devices? What kind of other science are involved in designing products?

Right now I am thinking about psychology, but I just do not have enough knowledge on it.

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New stuff? more fun, more blindside

February 7, 2012 5 comments

Hi, my name is Plankton and I am writing this blog on a phone now, and this is pretty difficult.

I actually never participated in a blog writing and this is my first post about how we deal with transitions of technologies.

I spend my middle school and high school  in the era of strange transition from pencil and notebooks to PC and Macbook .  When I was in middle school, none of our friends ever thought of buying a laptop for our academic purposes. We all used the computer lab room to play around and check out the new cool awesome thing called the “YouTube.”

Despite the all the positive influence that PC gave to me, I actually did not get in to the transition that well. (At least in my father’s point of view.)

I still prefers  to write my ideas and my notes on a notebook and not typing it down on the PC or Macbook. And I remember I almost failed my 2 of my high school classes  because I was too busy playing Risk and some online games during the class.

You see, new technology is always awesome and sparks everyone’s creativity but we still need to acknowledge the pros and the cons of how those technologies influences our daily life.

I am sure that your high school teachers and PTA had some  issues too, to adapt to the new culture and the technology of PC. Obviously, they were thrilled with what we had, but they also had to come up with a method to stop students from checking on face book during class time, and how to stop the students from using iPhone to hide their exam notes.

Well check this out about twitter!

The technology of our Social media networks has evolved from (Whatever before xanga) Xanga, Myspace, then facebook, to finally twitter in decade.

However, I strongly believe that our society’ s expectation do not always match or manipulate the actual usage of the technology in reality. Like the example of schools and academic members had to adapt to the new culture of internet and laptops,  the companies have to adapt and handle  people with a strong influence in the internet community.

We don’t write  how many people follows you on twitter, or how many friends you have on face-book on our resume (yet).  But int he future we might need to, because the companies want to know how influential you are in the network. Since the Arab Spring, the potentials of the twitter has been proven to be extremely influential, but at the same time we do not know the effect of the influential people in the network to our daily lives.

If couple tweet can bring down a government, how will it affect our society, and even in the way we represent ourselves to our friends and the people?

What do you all think?

Do you think it is right to fire an employee  with a because his tweet was critisizing his company?

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