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The power of art: defining science

February 5, 2012 2 comments

Today I decided to write about something not so “scientific” but something having to do with the science of the body. I had started following the NewScientist blog and I read a piece of writing about a man with Alzheimer’s disease and how he was still able to paint throughout the years following. He painted the way he imagined his brain decaying and I was astounded by the fact that he could still paint while having this disease. I know this subject is a little depressing especially if you guys read my blog on antidepressants. But this time, I just really wanted to show you guys how amazing people can be. And how diseases can’t take away everything from someone.

This man’s name was William Utermolen. In the pictures below, there is a noticable  difference between them. As his disease progressed, he became interested more in self-portraits and how he “saw” his brain. His artwork gave his wife, Patricia, some optimism ,when all the signs pointed to something completely different. William’s clinical psychologist had a few comments about his condition and she even thought that music and art could be good for someone with this disease.

I do believe this is true too, not only because of Wiliiam but because of my grandfather who suffered from this disease. He wasn’t “all there” of course, but when he heard music , he was like a little kid again. He would dance and clap his hands and for a little while we would all have a good time just enjoying his happiness with him.

This man, William Utermolen is the definition of how amazing people can be. Even with this disease he still had the passion, talent and dedication to keep painting. And his wife, Patricia, upheld the true meaning of love , because she  showed how dedicated she was to her husband and how passionate she was about his painting. It’s stories like these in life where people truly are amazing. Although William’s brain was declining, his passion for art never did.

So maybe, art, especially in William’s case ,helps people through the toughest of situations. His art was his definition of  “science”. What do you think? What does science mean to you?


Who Knew? We’re Attracted to Ourselves

February 1, 2012 9 comments

Hey guys! I wrote this post and my next one Sunday and Tuesday, but finally got added to the blog, so I apologize for them coming right after the other. But here goes!

I am not a “scientist” in the traditional sense- however, I do consider myself a political scientist. I believe that political science is just as much science as any other field. For this class, I will get to expand myself into other fields of science, for which I am excited to do.

According to this study, opposites don’t really attract (at least not in the personal, human chemistry sense.)

The similarity-attraction effect has been shown all over the world. This does not come as a huge surprise to me, as it makes sense that we as humans would want to spend time with others who are like ourselves. With more in common to talk about, we feel more comfortable.

I think that us as people would like to think of ourselves as being diverse and and differentiated, and perhaps some of us truly are. But I don’t mind admitting that I enjoy being around people who are like me. Perhaps this is why we have clubs we join with similar interests with other people’s, sports teams we play on, and even the people we are attracted to.

Of course it would definitely pay off, us being more diverse. A wider range of friends, more diverse views and outlooks, and a well-rounded view of life with more experiences. Perhaps we should all take a look at ourselves and try to be more diverse, no matter whether opposites “attract” or not. The important thing is to surround yourself with the people who make you happy and who you enjoy being with. Whether science says this is people like you, or you actually do enjoy people who are opposites, let it be your experience.

Do you guys think opposites really do attract? Or are you more comfortable with people like you?