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Increase in antidepressant prescriptions in the U.K.

February 5, 2012 2 comments

For my first blog post, I needed some inspiration.I basically looked at one of our favorite blog webistes: Badscience to help me write my first blog. I’ve never written a blog before nor am I used to writing for the general public but I decided to give it a try.

I read a piece in Badscience that discussed the problem and the increase of prescription antidepressants in the United Kingdom. I have had several friends that have taken antidepressants and it just seemed like a good topic to blog about. The article discusses the reasons why there has been an increase in this specific type of medication.

Antidepressant prescriptions have been give mostly to young women. But as recent research shows, the amount of prescriptions have doubled in the past few years. These prescriptions were mostly given to long term patients. The article states that the main reason for this increase can be explained by the small changes in the proportion of patients receiving long term treatment. The reason I chose this article is because I have had friends who have experienced serious depression problems.The interesting thing is that I have  found that depression hits the people you least expect. In my experience, my friends were the ones that were always smiling and always being positive. However, reality wan’t so optimistic.

Depression, in general, can be dealt with but can also be dangerous.I do believe that there are more places around the world where the prescriptions for antidepressants have increased. I have heard about antidepressants more often. The author of Badscience has written about this issue before because there were other time periods where an increase had been noticeable. There haven’t been clear explanations for this increase but it continues to be a researched topic.

I just wanted to see what your thoughts were for this increase. Maybe you have some idea of what may be causing this increase, whether it be from your own experiences or articles you have read. In my experience, depression can be caused by anything from breaking up with a boyfriend to the loss of a loved one.

In my opinion, the reason for this increase is simply because the long-term patients have developed some sort of tolerance for this medication. A person can build a tolerance to any type of drug. The more the body has the more it needs to have the same effect as before. What do you think?

Here is the link to the article that the blog Badscience used as well as the actual Blog.