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What few Darwinists realize: There’s more than just natural selection

I was recently pursuing a book store and happened across a book with a particularly provocative title, “What Darwin Got Wrong”. After reading the synopsis, I found myself quite agreeing with the book’s hypothesis: there’s more to the creation of organisms than just the process of natural selection. Indeed, natural selection is just one of a whole host of explanations that are be valid.

You can find a helpful summary and review of the book here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2010/feb/06/what-darwin-got-wrong

Consider this: why can’t pigs fly? Under the theory of natural selection alone, pigs probably should fly. Under natural selection alone, somewhere over the course of millions of years, pigs would have mutated to the point where some would have wings, and those wings would help winged pigs survive better than others without wings. Thus the pigs with wings would be more likely to procreate, and soon the whole species would have wings. But pigs don’t have wings. The explanation: laws of statistics, physics, and chemistry, according to the article. Pigs don’t have wings because these laws entail pig bone structure is ordered in a very precise, organized fashion that does not allow for wings, but works fine for pigs otherwise.  (unfortunately, the article does not make mention of how these laws contribute to pig bone structure).

Furthermore, the process of mutation and transmission of genes is more random and complicated than originally thought. So, it is probable that there are many other reasons as to how animals became so organized and complex. Truly random mutations cannot account for the ultra-complexities of the human brain, for instance. There must be other factors that contribute in addition to the process of natural selection, factors that more or less guide in the process and disallow for things like, pigs with wings.Image

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  1. May 2, 2012 at 1:36 am

    To start, I’d like to recognize that what you are talking about is an extremely controversial and highly debated topic. You present this information as fact, when in reality, the book “What Darwin Got Wrong” is actually another theory completely different from the theory of evolution. Furthering from that, you also say that Darwinist’s are not ‘realizing’ something, but on the contrary, they are presenting a completely different theory than this book is presenting.

    So, going off from that…
    The theory of evolution suggests that species evolve through a process of random mutation in which certain mutations pose a survival benefit which in turn allows the organism to reproduce and pass on these helpful mutations through the process of natural selection. Over very long periods of time, the series of mutations which caused the survival and the extinction of certain organisms created different species and all different types of animals.
    That is the theory of evolution.

    The theory of “Intelligent Design” is the theory that “What Darwin Got Wrong” favors. Intelligent Design suggests species are too complex to have occurred on their own (“irreducibly complex”). Because there are certain processes and systems that are almost mechanic in their operation, there must have been a higher power that is behind the creation of these organisms.

    So, as can be seen, these two theories differ in many ways, and the theory of intelligent design is in now way just something that evolutionists simply missed.

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