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UW Conference: Issues in Healthcare Controlling African American Minds and Bodies

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment

For my First Year University Writing Seminar, I chose a session called “Issues in Healthcare Controlling African American Minds and Bodies”. Only one of our representatives presented. The presentation was named “Mind Control: The Effects of Poverty on Black Mental Health”. The Presentation discussed the reasons why Blacks don’t get the mental health they need. One of the points that hit home to me was the discussion of the cultural stigma surrounding mental illness in the African American community. Later, evening I read Priyanka Kaur’s blog post “Science and Disney” and I wondered if may we should spice up our blog posts. So, here is a video I found on blacks and mental health called “Snapping the Chain: Ending Mental Health Stigma in the African American Community” from youtube.


This video really hit home for me. I have family who refuse to get psychological evaluations because of the stigma of mental illness. Additionally, the outside world’s only view of African Americans with mental illness are prisoners, homelessness, and extreme violence. It is those views that continue to push down those with mental illness and make others afraid to get diagnosed.

What do you see when you think of people with mental illness? Are their other cultures that place a stigma on mental health? What do you think about this problem in the African American community? Does the media perpetrate these ideas about the mentally ill? Do you see a solution in science? Tell me what you think.