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The Straw That Brings Life

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have found that I am almost disconnected to the real world when I am at school.  It’s like I am in my own little world, because whenever I am reconnected with my family I always seem to be out of the loop of what is happening in the world.  For example, my parents came to visit me this weekend and at dinner one night I found out about this straw that completely extracts water out of any substance.  I was so amazed at this new founding I had to blog about it.

Water is the number one resource that every human needs, but for less fortunate people water supply is not as abundant as we believe it is based on our own lifestyles. Lifestraw is the solution to increasing water supply to desolate villages and improving life.  Implemented by the Rotary Club of Brynmawr, the Lifestraw is a portable water filter that prevents any diarrhoeal diseases through filtering all bacteria and parasites from watering holes, lakes, any water source in general.  When I first heard about the Lifestraw, I was told that it filters water from substances even mud. That is when my jaw dropped.

Finding about the LifeStraw actually made me so incredibly happy because it is an innovation that clearly can make a difference and bring water to suffering children and adults that truly need it. I really think LifeStraws can change the world, what do you guys think? Are you as excited for the LifeStraw as I am?

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  1. May 2, 2012 at 2:02 am

    You are not alone!! I feel SO disconnected to the world when I’m at school. At the beginning of the year when I tried to figure out why this was I deduced this- I am uninformed and disconnected to the world because of 3 main reasons. For one, my parents used to turn on the news every night, often while I was on the couch. Even if I was on my laptop, I would still hear about all different sorts of news stories. Secondly, the newspaper would be on the kitchen table every morning while I ate. I rarely actually read it, but I would still see the cover page which would inform me of some of the most pressing news stories. Third and most importantly, my parents care about what is going on in the world. Not like they are super involved with politics or the news or anything, but they would talk about things that actually mattered which kept me informed (as opposed to my friends here…we talk about what happened on our saturday night, not what’s going on overseas in Iraq or what’s going on with the economy).

    Now, about LifeStraw- first of all, I hadn’t heard about this either- VERY cool. I think what’s most awesome about this is that it really is a straw! The immediate problem I see with LifeStraw is that in hot places where water is often scarce, people have to walk miles from their home to find water. So although the LifeStraw can provide clean/safe water in the presence of a water source, it (to my knowledge) would not help if someone needed to bring water back to the rest of the family. Unless, of course, the whole family then drank the water out of the straw once it was brought back.

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