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Something Unexepected

December 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear Professor Myers,

This class was more than just a required freshman writing class. It’s something I had never expected to come across. Specifically being a science major, the research done in this class already helped me greatly, whether it was for a lab report, another essay or my own curiosity. I came into this class expecting it to be the hardest class ever, since I never really had a knack for writing. Looking back, it really wasn’t that bad. The workload was overwhelming at times but it was definitely manageable. This class changed my view on writing classes in general. I’m now much more comfortable with my writing at college level. Additionally, I’m even looking into taking more writing based classes, something I thought I would never do.

I’d have to say the revisions in this class helped me the most. In previous classes, I would write, for example, a research paper, receive a grade and never read my paper again. I was never really one for revisions. After having to restart my essay several times, I realized maybe revising does help me become a better writer. There are so many different aspects of my writing I didn’t realize the first time around that stuck out like a sore thumb the second or third time. I understand now that writing is in a way incomplete without revisions. In our first segmented personal essay, the revision helped me see the essay in a different light. My main problem in that essay was that my “mini essays” would flow like I was telling a story, which surprisingly was completely wrong. After doing revisions, changing the order of the paragraphs the essay was literally ten times better. Lastly, I learned that revisions aren’t helping anyone but us as students.

Prior to this class, essays, writing prompts, research papers would frighten me. I would have no clue where to even start. After taking this class, they seem much less intimidating. Although our first essay was a bit of a challenge since the topic was so broad, I think writing personal essays is a lot easier for me. Now, since I have resources to use and a solid foundation of writing style, future writing assignments seem approachable. Our session in the library using databases is something I can use throughout my college career. If I hadn’t taken this class I never would have even known the databases were there. Also, learning about different sources helped me pick out what kind of research to do. For example, in our final project we focused on the women’s point of view in fashion and knowing exactly what databases to use helped clarify our research process.

As a writer, I can more easily get my thoughts down on paper in a more concise manner. Developing from high school level writing, this class was a perfect bridge to the real world.  Even though this class turned out be nothing like I expected, the results justified the means. Being a “writer” means to incorporate everything we learned this semester in our UW class and apply it to our future works. I believe I have the preparation needed and the tools provided to become a “writer”. All in all, thank you professor for preparing me for the college life that lies ahead of me.

Yours truly,

Priyanka Kaur

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