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In Your Dreams

I know I already wrote a post about dreams and the blind, but I cant help it if they interest me! Dreams are still one of the most unexplainable phenomenons that exist in our daily lives. There’s not too many things that can compare in this day and age. So, as I continued on my search to discover something new and innovative, I came across an article specifically narrowing down on the weirdness of dreams. The blog is called “Tasty Human” and it deals with the psychology behind healthy living, self-help and food.  The particular blog post I will be focusing on today talks about the 13 most interesting things found about dreams. So let’s begin!

1. You always forget 90% of your dreams. Upon waking, in the first 5 minutes, you forget half of your dream already. In the next 5 minutes a total of 90% is lost. If you ever want to analyze and discuss your dreams write them down on a piece of paper as soon as you wake up. Or else the dream may be lost forever…

2. In Ancient Rome dreams were believed to be messages sent from gods. There were specific roles handed to individuals called “recorders.” These recorders would write down each dream and bring them to the senator for an analysis. They even followed military leaders to battle.

3.Everybody dreams! Don’t think you’re weird if you can’t ever remember dreaming. That only signifies that your dream was forgotten. You still experienced it.

4.In our sleep we only see people that we already know or met. Our mind does not work to makeup new characters it only remembers those we have been exposed to previously. You have seen countless faces throughout your lives even if its those you won’t remember in your consciousness.

5.Between the years of 1915 and 1950 studies were done that provided results which stated people only dream in black and white. During the next decade, these studies were revoked and a relationship of colored dreams was proven to be connected to a progressive incline to the exposure of color TV. Now, science has shown that a mere 4.4% of the total population under 25 years of age dreams in black and white. It has also proved that only 12% of sighted people dream in black and white throughout their lives.

6.Dreams are extremely cryptic and metaphoric. When you dream of a certain object it does not symbolize what you think it does. A different interpretation usually exists.

7.Dreams are found to be almost always more negative than positive. Anxiety has been proven to be the most common emotion transferred through dreams.

8.While some dreams are individuals, meaning they only occur only once in a lifetime others are recurring.65% of men have reoccurring dreams while 70% of women experience them.

9.When scientists have done an analysis of dreams on animals they found they have very similar brain patterns as us. Apparently when a dog sometimes it moves its paws and makes sounds as if it is chasing something.

10.REM eye movement usually occupies a 25% of total dream time. The point of this is for the movement in your sleep to prevent you from moving in real life.

11.In our mind we connect the outside world to our dream world. Sometimes we hear a sound and incorporate into our dream to mean something else. For example when you hear your phone ring but think its just part of your dream? Yeah, that’s what its all about.

12.Here’s something I found personally interesting-men tend to dream more about other men! Women share an equal amount of men and women in their dream span. Men also generally experience more aggressive versions of dreams as opposed to those of women’.

13.A large number of studies cross country have shown that a chunk of people ranging from 18-38% have experienced  precognitive dreams, or future-seeing. Those who actually believe in them encompass a whopping 63-98% of the total population.

So there you go folks! All the mystery known as of now about dreams. Enjoy!

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Shots Shots Shots of Creativity

March 28, 2012 8 comments

Drinking doesn’t only give you a buzz but apparently it boosts you creativity. Men who drank until they got tipsy could solve more problems demanding verbal resourcefulness in less time than sober men. Tricky word problems were solved faster by men that were tipsy but not drunk than sober men.

The study found that alcohol helps one find connections faster and easier between different ideas. The study is discussed in the article I read. You can find the article with the link below. This article didn’t really surprise me for several reasons. Most of the greatest minds were drunks or were on other types of drugs. Many brilliant authors were drunks and died at the age of 50.

From experience I can definitely agree that alcohol makes you also spill the truth. You can trust what  a drunk person says because of this reason. Also, some of my own favorite authors were drunks. For example, Hunter Thompson’s story Fear and Loathing in Last Vegas just shows how “creative”  he was. He literally makes you feel like you are the one on drugs because of his brilliant ideas and talent.

Psychologists believe that alcohol helps verbal creativity because it lowers our control over our thoughts. Researchers have also found that drunk people are less afraid to make mistakes which also boosts creativity and spontaneity.

Does anyone have any objection to this theory?