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Electronic Skin

April 28, 2012 Leave a comment

The article “Electronic Skin” presents an electronic device created by John Rogers and the other scientists part of his lab. This device, in the form of something like a temporary tattoo, has the ability to record data about your health: “Placed on a forehead, the device can record brainwaves; on the wrist, blood flow and muscle movement. On the skin of sick patients, it can track vital signs and watch for problems, replacing the bulky equipment usually found in hospitals. And stuck to the throat, it can function as a secret cell phone, activated by the movements of a person’s voice box.” It can even be placed near the heart, where it will pick up information about heartbeats. 

With the size being close to that of a postage stamp, its thickness of half a paper, and its ability to be flexible like the skin, it’s barely felt by the person who has it on them.  

This opens up numerous possibilities- some that are mentioned in the article include the ability to record the brainwaves of a person with epileptic seizures and it can identify throat movements while someone is speaking (helpful for deep-sea divers and spies). With this device, the larger machines may not be necessary.

The article even took it outside of the health world. Coleman says, “If we can monitor the brain signals between teachers and students who are interacting, then maybe we can learn the extent to which they understand each other. That could revolutionize education and training. It’s easy to imagine the possibilities. And if we don’t imagine, then what are we doing?”

It’s crazy what technological innovations have provided for us- I can’t believe how far technology has taken us and how much further it will take us in the future.  

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A little different this time.

April 26, 2012 Leave a comment

So I wanted to do something a little different this time on the blog. I just wanted to take a minute and look back at the blog as a whole. I noticed that there were some really interesting post that were posted throughout the semester. I really took the time and effort to look for articles that I thought would be the most interesting for you guys. I have never written or read a blog before, so this was new to me. Also, coming here to the U.S., things like Twitter looked like it’s going to take over the world. I will hopefully never get one and this other website called Tumblr? Sometimes I feel like such an international student not knowing these things that everybody should know about. I feel like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook definitely have a “science” behind them. Technology is changing the world faster than we thought it would. I remember having a CD walkman and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. And now, we have things like iPod nanos. I remember the first time my parents brought home a cellphone. Those big Nokia cellphones with the big buttons and everything. Now, we have touch screens and bluetooth. Who knows what technology will have advanced to in 5, 10, 15, years. It is a little scary, I have to admit. I feel like by the time our generation has children, our children won’t even know how to write. All they would know is how to type on a computer. Have you guys ever thought of that? I think about how different “science” will even be in a few years. I feel like science is the world’s future. What do you guys think? And for the international students out there, do you think it’s just my imagination that America may be a little more into technology than other countries? Why do you think so? Just give us your general thoughts about science. No articles, no scientific terms, just science.

Making eye contact, interactive

November 28, 2011 5 comments

The other day I came across an article that I thought was very interesting. Titled A Terminator-style contact-lens display, it talks about how scientists have discovered a way to incorporate a single LED with an antenna into a contact lens. When a radio frequency is sent to the LED the antenna will pick it up and light up the LED. If this technology progresses we might soon be able to see the latest text message or social networking update right in front of our eyes. Or we might be able to watch entire movies or tv shows right in front of us. This technology brings us one step closer to the technology we see in the movies, where they have a constant stream of data flowing right in their eyes. My fear is that it would make testing and academic integrity very difficult, because people would be able to see the answers without getting caught. How would teachers catch them? Will everyone have to have their eyes scanned before every test, these contacts would be virtually invisible when not activated, so I guess that would be the only way. What do you guys thing would be some cool applications of this technology? How about some negative effects of these?