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The Straw That Brings Life

May 1, 2012 1 comment

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have found that I am almost disconnected to the real world when I am at school.  It’s like I am in my own little world, because whenever I am reconnected with my family I always seem to be out of the loop of what is happening in the world.  For example, my parents came to visit me this weekend and at dinner one night I found out about this straw that completely extracts water out of any substance.  I was so amazed at this new founding I had to blog about it.

Water is the number one resource that every human needs, but for less fortunate people water supply is not as abundant as we believe it is based on our own lifestyles. Lifestraw is the solution to increasing water supply to desolate villages and improving life.  Implemented by the Rotary Club of Brynmawr, the Lifestraw is a portable water filter that prevents any diarrhoeal diseases through filtering all bacteria and parasites from watering holes, lakes, any water source in general.  When I first heard about the Lifestraw, I was told that it filters water from substances even mud. That is when my jaw dropped.

Finding about the LifeStraw actually made me so incredibly happy because it is an innovation that clearly can make a difference and bring water to suffering children and adults that truly need it. I really think LifeStraws can change the world, what do you guys think? Are you as excited for the LifeStraw as I am?

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DC’s Derranged Birds

April 29, 2012 1 comment

I have always thought birds were sweet little creatures like just tweeted around the town.  Well, coming to DC this year my whole perception of birds changed.  It is like they are a whole other species compared to the normal birds I grew up with. I have been scared on many occasions because I think these tiny feathered animals are going fly straight into me until it swerves last minute and dodges me. It gives me unnecessary anxiety because who knows if one bird is just inept and flies right into.  You never know, it is always possible.

Common knowledge tells me that it must be some sort of food that the birds eat or the culture that were nurtured in. In high school, the birds weren’t deranged but the squirrels definitely were. They would stare you down with their beady little eyes and it’s as if they were going to attack you at any minute. Of course, this gave me as much anxiety as birds darting towards me.

But honestly, based on their habitat why do animals personalities differ.  Clearly these birds and squirrels are less timid, but what made them like this? What makes them so possessed? Please someone help me out on this one.

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Fans Role in the Path to Kissing the Cup

April 22, 2012 1 comment

It is that beautiful time of year when the Stanley Cup playoffs are off and running.  The first round is in session and time is whining down to the end of it.  I, as a huge Boston Bruins fan, have been keeping up with the progress of different series’, but especially the Bruins-Capitals series. And for Game 4 I actually bought tickets and truly experienced the wrath of the Caps fans. Let me just say, I was in complete hell when Ovechkin made that slapshot into the right upper corner of the net, throwing Tim Thomas completely off guard, and making it 2-1 caps, leading them to the win making the series 3-2.  The roaring sounds crushed my eardrums and what was even more annoying were the comments about the Bruins the Caps fans were making. I seriously had to take huge breaths not to lash out and start fights with people.


Of course, if this game were in TD garden and Patrice Bergeron or Zdeno Chara just made that shot on goal I would have been as obnoxious as those Caps fans.  But my question is what makes hockey fans so dedicated? So avid about there teams that they would mimic the fights happening between the players on the ice? The percentage of aggressiveness that hockey fans have is not even merely equivalent to the percentage of basketball or baseball fans.  Knowing the feeling of your blood boiling and heart racing when an opponent fan makes a comment about your team, I understand why.  But what do you guys think about this?  OR do you even know what I am talking about?

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March 28, 2012 5 comments

Contemplating my perceptions of aliens, I always figured they are a figment of the imagination and it is impossible of something like ET to exist. Flipping through the science section of the NY Times, altered my assumption that aliens could potentially exist and people are very adamant in finding out. I came across this article called In Search of Life, Researchers Enlist Human Minds [], demonstrated that researchers have put in a lot of effort to identify evidence that aliens exist out in the universe and have now looked to human volunteers to participate in the research.

I am still perplexed that extraterrestrial investigators exist and believes with all their hearts that aliens exist.  Their research is pretty intense and takes a lot of effort and time commitment. The picture above of the satellites they use to search for life indicates the legitimacy of this research.  The image has me relate to shows like “Lost” and movies like “Signs,” which I believed to be fictional but clearly anything is really possible.  I just wanted another opinion on this rather than my own. Do you guys think aliens actually exist? Or have you known before that people have been researching this?

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Happy Pills

February 29, 2012 5 comments

From junk food to fast food, a majority of the population today does not get the nutrients and vitamins necessary for healthy day-to-day living. In order to lead a healthy life we need calcium, vitamin C etc. so that complications don’t arise later on in life. A very small percentage of people today are concerned with the future, so they put anything in their mouths, which most of the time contains a lot trans fats and sodium. This perplexes me but I am done questioning the decisions people, especially Americans, make today.

My mother always says “everything in moderation,” which is completely true, but not many people realize the validity in this statement. McDonald’s and microwavable meals makes life easier, especially for college students because they’re so cheap; but no matter the inexpensiveness, we need daily nourishment.

People are not gonna change the way they eat, so that is when things like supplements come into the picture. I just started taking a multivitamin and already feel the difference. Many think the benefits of supplements are mythological, but I am one example of many that prove they are not. I don’t eat junk food and still take them, so I suggest no matter what you consume just add one sole multivitamin a day because you will notice the difference. I mean don’t people want to be healthy? This is not an alternative to eating healthy or working out but it is a benefit to a healthy life style. Try it, you will see.

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Hygene 101

February 21, 2012 3 comments

Coming to college I was used to living with a roommate because I attended boarding school for my high school career. I like my things in order and space to myself, so my old roommates would probably say that I am difficult to live with. However, I have never had so much difficulty with a roommate as I do right now; and the consequences have really heightened my fixation on hygiene. It is hard to not focus so much on hygiene when I constantly notice the lack of cleanliness of my roommate and my room. No matter how much I clean I cannot keep up with her dirtiness. It is not just the smells of dirty trash and clothes that concerns me, but really one worry of mine revolves around my own health. Adapting to a new place, your body has to adjust, sometimes it rejects the new environment, sometimes it accepts it. For me, my body has not adjusted positively to my new habitat. I am a health nut and try to be as healthy as I can, in order to not get sick. But living with someone who has absolutely opposite concerns with sanitation clashes with my ability to remain healthy. I mean, it is not shocking that my immune system is shot and I’ve gotten more sick this year than I have been within a 3 year period. So, when the rumors of the GWU nurovirus hit the fan I was beside myself. I was so scared to get it that I did not buy food on my Gworld for almost a week. I was a little neurotic but I seriously didn’t want to take my chances because I have had the stomach flu before and trust me it is not fun. I have been taking airborne like candy and hopefully with the nicer weather coming my immune system will take a turn for the better. In fact, I have been taking supplements and other things to boost my health and it is definitely working. As for living with my difficult roommate, I have learned that there are some things in life that are not easy and we just have to live with them, literally.

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