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Lost phone?

Hey everyone!

Do you eve feel paranoid or anxious when you don’t have your cell phone around you?

Then you might have nomophobia, a fear of being without a cellphone.

The word nomophobia was first used to describe the symptoms of certain people. People felt anxious and nervous without having their cell phone. Now I thought this was too silly to believe. However, my term of communication seems to be very different with kids these days. One, there are multiple communication method other than phone and face to face interaction.

Now there are facebook, skype, and other communication tool. And slowly, each communication tool is being specialized in our daily life. I have also seen the commercial with this woman with a buisness suits saying in a commercial that she never leaves her phone away from her.

I was able to live for 3 days without a phone because I had facebook and other tools to talk to. I actually dont see the need of phone.

Nomophobia — fear of being without your phone — is on the rise – latimes.com

What do you think?

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  1. MTDM
    May 2, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    I can totally believe this! Phones are used for so many aspects of our lives now, it’s almost hard to fathom functioning as productively without them. Just walking down the street on my way to class I see that almost everyone is grasping their phones in their hands, or texting, or emailing while walking. Phones can be used to avoid awkward situations..i.e pretending to be busy to avoid talking to someone! We have become so dependent on our phones as a society. I lost my phone for a week last semester, and it was uncomfortable knowing I didn’t have it on me.

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