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The Thin Line between Genius and Insanity

Working for the Smithsonian Natural History Museum this semester, I’ve met a lot of scientists at the top of their fields.  They all have one thing in common: they’re slightly insane.  Whether only insane people choose to work for the museum or working for the museum slowly makes you crazy is still unclear to me.  One thing is certain though–nearly everyone I’ve met there is more eccentric than your average non-scientist.  A few of their eccentricities include making a hobby out of macerating road kill to clean their skeletons (so as not to waste a good specimen) and enjoying memorizing Latin binomial nomenclature to a ridiculous degree.  Not to mention a generally odd sense of humor which is at times morbid.

I find it interesting that this personality type is often correlated with a career in science.  I wonder what it is is about science that attracts these weirdos (which I say completely affectionately and knowing I probably am or am on my way to becoming just as eccentric).

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