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The Life of a Pirate

My office is currently purchasing new computer equipment to replace the more outdated machines that currently populate our office. I was drafted to help in the process, and spent the majority of last week browsing for the cheapest deals on laptops and desktops. I had certain criteria that I had to meet for each computer, and a budget, but apart from that I had free reign over what laptops were purchased. Between the scrimping and saving, and virtual coupon cutting I found that the thing that was eating up the majority of my budget, for the least gain, was the Microsoft Office Software. $250 for the Microsoft Office Suite. Maybe for a business it really isn’t that much, but to me it seems kind of ridiculous. For the last decade or so, Microsoft Word has remained basically the same, apart from a few new font packs, except the price remains ludicrously high. Or so I feel anyways.
      Like any good law-abiding citizen I turned my attention to the Microsoft alternative, Open Office, which runs quite smoothly on my old desktop at home. However when I tested it on some of the current machines at the office to see how it ran, it was incompatible with several programs simply because it wasn’t Microsoft Word. Not because it had a different functionality. Not because there was some deep seated problem with Open Office Software. It didn’t run simply because it was not from Microsoft. It seems to me that Microsoft has an unspoken Monopoly in the business world, with any office that wants to spare itself the headache of buying Microsoft Office entering into a new realm of compatibility nightmares.

     Now as a good law-abiding citizen I would never condone piracy in any way shape or form, and did end up ordering the software. It just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. With that being said, what do all of you think about piracy? If a company has a monopoly over a certain market, and charges unreasonable prices, does that make piracy justifiable? Or is that just an excuse people use to justify stealing?


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