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Fans Role in the Path to Kissing the Cup

It is that beautiful time of year when the Stanley Cup playoffs are off and running.  The first round is in session and time is whining down to the end of it.  I, as a huge Boston Bruins fan, have been keeping up with the progress of different series’, but especially the Bruins-Capitals series. And for Game 4 I actually bought tickets and truly experienced the wrath of the Caps fans. Let me just say, I was in complete hell when Ovechkin made that slapshot into the right upper corner of the net, throwing Tim Thomas completely off guard, and making it 2-1 caps, leading them to the win making the series 3-2.  The roaring sounds crushed my eardrums and what was even more annoying were the comments about the Bruins the Caps fans were making. I seriously had to take huge breaths not to lash out and start fights with people.


Of course, if this game were in TD garden and Patrice Bergeron or Zdeno Chara just made that shot on goal I would have been as obnoxious as those Caps fans.  But my question is what makes hockey fans so dedicated? So avid about there teams that they would mimic the fights happening between the players on the ice? The percentage of aggressiveness that hockey fans have is not even merely equivalent to the percentage of basketball or baseball fans.  Knowing the feeling of your blood boiling and heart racing when an opponent fan makes a comment about your team, I understand why.  But what do you guys think about this?  OR do you even know what I am talking about?

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  1. johnwmanning
    April 22, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    This would be an interesting topic to dig deeper into. I have been to a lot of Celtics games and found that the crowd would get noisy, but never overly aggressive. It would be interesting to know why the more violent the sport is the more violent the fans are. I know some sports fans are just out of control, like the soccer hooligans in Europe and the Oakland Raiders fans any time they play another Californian team. There is probably some psychological similarities between the players and the fans that make them overly aggressive. Again, this would be an interesting topic to research further.

    Let’s Go Caps!

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