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Let Me See That Body Work

Have you ever wondered what someone does weird motions such as playing with one’s ear, tilting one’s head or rolling one’s eyes? Where did they come up with these things? What elicits these weird body movement? Communication through body language is one of the world’s most interesting phenomena. Did you ever realize that your personal twitch, or method of dealing with nervousness, says something specific about you? Body language is an entire communication system essential and innovative all on its own. From all the information we receive in a conversation, researchers point out that 10% comes from what a person says, 40% from the tone and speed of their voice, and an astonishing 50% from one’s body language. An article I found on a psychology blog compares each body part with the message it is sending across.


  • lowering one’s head signifies timidness
  • rubbing or simply touching one’s nose is a sign of disagreement
  • pinching bridge of nose relates a negative opinion
  • tugging an ear usually portrays indecisiveness


  • pointing a finger transmits feelings of aggression
  • open arms usually signifies a willingness to talk
  • Reaching your arm and placing on the back of your neck usually means one is interested in listening
  • If the fingertips are touching or fingers are laced together, one is usually thinking or pondering


  • hand on hips shows eagerness
  • a bouncing foot over crossed legs means one is losing patience
  • sitting with legs open usually means one is comfortable in one’s present situation
  • When you cross your legs toward a person you are showing you are interested as opposed to when you cross them away from them.


  • when you look up and then to the right one is most likely recalling a memory
  • blinking more often signifies nervousness
  • looking into another eye displays confidence
  • when irritated at a certain comment one usually does a quick glance sideways


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  1. April 20, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Body language and communication is something I’ve always been interested in. Often, when I listen to people talk, I listen for the “Way” that person says something, or “How” they say it and focus less on the actual words (although they are still very important!).

    The same is true with body language, because body language adds to “how” people say things. Take the example of someone who is lying and use the body language information from the article. When someone is lying, they are more likely to blink or look somewhere other than the person they are lying to because they are nervous and obviously don’t have confidence to look the other person in the eyes.

    I think that people communicate through body language because we know that people can control their words but not always control the immediate reaction their body has to what they are thinking.

  2. April 22, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    This is a very interesting post! Body language and communication is an interesting topic to study and I appreciate that you listed certain examples that are commonly, and unconsciously, communicated by the majority of people. For example, when I am engaged in a conversation I am usually confident and display that confidence by looking into the other person’s eye, or crossing my legs in their direction to signal interest. I think it is very interesting to study body language because if one cannot communicate something directly through their words, their body has a way of taking control of situation and communicating it. For example, looking away when scared or twitching or moving your foot around to display irritation. I admit that I am someone who has participated in all of those unconscious body movements and even try to work on not moving around when I am irritated because I don’t want to communicate one message while saying another.

  3. johnwmanning
    April 22, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    It is fascinating to know how we interpret more from the persons body language than we do from what the say. It is amazing how much we communicate through body language. I know I’ve displayed many of the body movements listed above, plus more. I also like the comment that pookersays said about how people can’t always control their immediate reaction their body has to what they are thinking. It would make sense that we rely more on body language than spoken language if that is the case. I also find it interesting that for a species with such a complex verbal language system we still rely on the visual language (body language) just like the other species in the world.

  4. April 23, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    I find this topic very interesting taking into account the fact that I read a book on this subject few years ago. I read the book when I was eleven being under the influence of my friend’s new interest to sign language of teachers in school. In my middle school we used to be examined over the material learn in an oral form; usually it was happening in front of a commission of four or five teachers and was very stressful especially for twelve-year old children. The book that my friend lent me consisted of different pictures with different body positions and explanations on how a reader should interpret them. The policy of looking into body language of a person with whom you are talking to is important as you can see the attitude of a listener towards your words; therefore, making conclusion of whether your speech is satisfying or not. The knowledge of body language is important in almost all aspects of life including business, politics and art.

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