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How the airplane changed the world

ImageInvented in 1903, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without the airplane. Not only did it form as a catalyst for science to advance in the aerospace field, but the airplane also made the world a bit smaller, as we as the human race inched closer to a globalised community. The first powered aircraft, as we are all taught in middle school, was the brain child of the Wright brothers in 1903. What is interesting is how fast science progressed beyond that. By 1914, just 11 years later, airplanes became militarised. 5 years after that, planes had begin to cross the Atlantic Ocean and commercial flights between Canada and the US operated frequently.

It is amazing to see how just one invention changed the world in such a major way. Thanks in part to the airplane, it is possible for someone in America to order something made in China and receive it within 24 hours. Items can be shipped around the world for little cost in a blink of the eye. Airplanes have reduced the distance between cities, Europe and America used to be days away, now it is possible to travel to Paris for the weekend.

Most of us have probably flown somewhere, and I know that all of us have been affected directly by the airplane. Have you ever ordered something? Chances are the parts were flown or shipped in to the factory that assembled them, and the product was then flown to you. Need something delivered fast? Next day air.

How has the airplane changed your life? What do you think the world would be like without the plane? Would it be a better place, without the threat of armies arriving within minutes? Or would countries be more isolated? What do you think, does the plane have many drawbacks?

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  1. avtheo
    April 22, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Having been flying since I was an infant I whole-heartedly believe that the world would be incredibly different. Personally, my life and my experiences would not be the same without flying. I am 100% Greek-Cypriot, so basically all my family lives in a totally different continent. I see them every year thanks so airplanes. I don’t think I’d be the person I am today within flying because since I was young my parents have brought my brothers and I to places all around the world to experience different people and cultures. I truly believe those trips have made me a more well-rounded person, which I am proud to be.

    Of course, nothing is perfect. Although, I appreciate the capability of airplanes to flying all over the world within hours in a day, I actually hate flying. Flying does create the world as a smaller community but the process of shrinking the world can be very scary. It’s a known fact that flying is safer than driving but just the thought that you’re thousands of miles in the air and there’s a chance that you can go crashing down to some complication is frightening.

    I almost died in a plane and ever since I have had a fear of it. But that fear has not stopped me from growing as a person, experiencing new things, and see my family every year. In all, airplanes are necessary in the 21st century.

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