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Can anyone be a scientist?

My baby brother, Braeden, is a genius…literally, he’s been certified and everything (whatever that means).

When talking to Braeden about his passion, science, I am transformed into a world of limitless possibilities, most of which are beyond my comprehension. His theories surpass my intellect, to the point where I am able to follow but contribute nothing. That is fine with me, because I simply love learning from his imagination and gaining excitement from his momentum of thought.

Recently we have been talking about things he can do for the Science Fair. His current idea is to transform plastic back into oil. Now, he is aware that this is already being done, so its nothing new, but he is trying to come up with a more economical method, one where you can easily and cheaply transform the plastic in your very home. Watching him work,  testing new creations, modifying the old, gets me thinking about how all science is working on whims. But these whims only become success when passion is applied. As much as any person can appreciate science, it’s those who breathe science that truly transform it. What do you think? Am I wrong in thinking that science is driven by aspiration more than knowledge?

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  1. April 16, 2012 at 11:52 pm

    I completely agree with your statement focusing on aspiration as the primary motivating channel for science. Scientific knowledge only goes as far as textbooks and facts. There are only so many studies and fact proven until one must use his own creative mind in order to develop revolutionary and innovative projects. Theories don’t just accumulate through knowledge itself, some of the world’s greatest discoveries have been pure accidents of nature.

    Who’s to say what defines a scientist? While growing up we are forced to acknowledge them only by a white lab coat and goggles. As we mature we realize that those individuals are just fabrications of societies limitations. Scientists come in various shapes and sizes, gender and nationality. Scientists are those who take a small fact and unravel it to form a million more questions. So I would say yes, your brother is a scientist. He not only appreciate science as an art, but uses it as an object that can succumb to his wishes.

  2. April 18, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    I completely agree with your statement as well. I believe that yes, certain people are smart from books and school, but some people are just born to be geniuses. Just using one owns creativity and imagination can give far more scientific knowledge to a person than we realize. I also agree with the above comment. Why is there just one definition of a scientist? Why is there one definition for one thing anyway? I believe that your baby brother might as well be a genius. We all know children are smarter and more creative than we realize. And they are much more prone to learning faster than adults. I find that so fascinating and it just makes me want to be a kid all the time.

  3. April 19, 2012 at 3:20 am

    Well first of all, I’d love to know more about this “Certification” your brother has received on being a genius….
    But, as a response to the questions you posed- No, I don’t think just anyone can be a scientist. While math and science seem formulaic and flat when being taught to us in school, in reality the people who originally figured out all the postulations and formulas were incredibly creative and unique thinkers. It’s no simple or random process of deriving the quadratic formula or the theory of gravity. This is where passion comes into play. One who does not possess the passion and drive does not and will not arrive at such sweeping conclusions. I think that anyone who devotes their time and especially their life to trying and trying again to find new cures and new methods of math or science is well, a little crazy, but extremely honorable. It takes a mind that thinks outside of the box, generating new and crazy thoughts that might just get them one step closer to a solution.

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