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Sex Matters

I realize that this topic may be a tad inappropriate or maybe even an uncomfortable topic for most, but I really felt like I had to share it. Not talking about sex can actually lead to more problems than we think.

A comprehensive national survey was given to U.S. citizens and showed that most doctors do not ask their patients about their sexual health. This has consequences. Only 40% of doctors asked their patients if they experience any sexual problems or dysfunction. The percentages are even lower for doctors who ask their patients about sexual orientation and their sexual lives as a whole.

There is evidence showing high prevalence of sexual function concerns among women. Research shows that about a third of young and middle-aged women experience some kind of sexual problem. Women do not talk about these problems because their doctors do not ask

them. Therefore, women think it is an unimportant topic and continue with their unsatisfying sexual life.

This study also shows that gender,age,race, medical school location, religious affiliation influence whether or not doctors will bring up sexual matters. Women who experience sexual problems may have other medical problems as well. The fact that these sexual problems are not being talked about is more dangerous than doctors realize. The study also showed that doctors feel more comfortable with talking about sex with men because there are more available treatments for their sexual problems.

However, women are starting to take initiative in talking about sex. They have started because they have seen that they are not alone. They have seen other women experience the same problems from the media such as the internet.

I just found this topic so interesting because when I come to think of it, it is very true. The only question I have been asked is if I am sexually active. That is the common question women and men are asked. I believe that they should be asked more questions because sexual problems can be problems caused by other medical issues.

What do you guys think? Are you comfortable enough to discuss your doctor visits? Are you comfortable enough to discuss sexual matters with your doctor? Do you believe that the actions of these doctors have more affect than they realize?



  1. leimaf
    April 11, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    I believe that it is important for a person to discuss sexual matters with his/her doctor if they perceive it as being a problem. The reason for this is that many people may have sexual issues that they are embarrassed to approach someone about, and this in turn may signify physical or psychological problems within the person themselves. Since with age, sex increasingly becomes a larger component in a person’s life the the probability of it causing health problems becomes greater and the need to discuss it is more necessary.

  2. April 16, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Sex, sex, sex, sex… The planet is spinning around it and people are still shy to talk openly about their sexual lives. Of course, sex represents the topic that most of the people are scared to discuss or talk about. As a funny example, just look how many people commented on this post comparing to the other posts  Very obvious case, isn’t it? Some people find sex to be too personal and private to talk about it in public or with doctors. Some people don’t talk about it even with closest friends. What does it mean? Does it mean that people are not simply confident with it or have not enough experience? The answer is yes and no. People practicing sex from very early age have so many doctors visits and probably have been in so many different sexual situations so that they are just simply used to talk about it from both scientific and medical points of view. If you go to the doctor, you expect help from him; therefore, the gender or age of medical stuff should not play a role. The sentence “everybody does that” sounds overused and over cited but when you actually think about it, a person without hang-ups would understand how childish is to be embarrassed to talk about sex. Using the opportunity to be anonymous in this blog, I would like to give an example of doctor’s visit to GW Health Center. I came there two months ago to take my regular STD test. The women of age 40, with a cold and aggressive voice asked all different kind of questions starting from “What gender do I usually have sex with” to “What type of sex do you usually have”. Those questions are quite typical; however, the way the woman was asking made me quite embarrassed: I got an impression that she was judging me… Those situations are very common, and sometimes can create huge hang-ups, especially for women who are quite not self confident in sex. To conclude, a person who is openly talking about sex is not selling heroin to twelve years old or, definitely, not creating an atomic bomb to destroy billions of people on Earth. Everybody did that, does that, and will be doing that, so why are you embarrassed?!

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