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The Spirit Molecule

Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a natural psychedelic substance that occurs in plants and animals (including humans). While the significance of its ubiquitousness is unknown in some cultures it has been used as an entheogen, or a psychoactive substance used in a religious or spiritual context. Depending on the dosage DMT can induce immersive psychedelic states that can be so idiosyncratic that often times cannot be described in words. Studies engaged by biochemists around the world have allowed scientists to hypothesize on the use purpose of the compound in humans and state that DMT may play a key role in bringing about the visual effects associated with dreaming, near death experiences, and religious visions ( as well as other states). Although the compound is classified as a schedule I drug in the United States and is highly illegal people still take part in the ingestion of this mysterious substance in order to receive strange visions of self-transforming machine elves (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_elf). My question to the class blog is what kind of significance do you think a naturally occurring substance that causes you to trip ridiculously hard upon birth and prior to death has in the human body?Image

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