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Auto-pilot car is the future!

Take look at this


Hi everyone!! It looks like this google’s auto driving system might true in our daily life, sooner than I thought! This system can change the way we think about where will human habit and how will they transport them selves. I can see it influencing the way we communicates similar to cell phone. In our life cell phone and message texting became an alternative method to communicate with someone else. But what if your car automatically drives yourself to your friends house without actually driving a car, or directly take you to the restaurant without knowing the directions? 

I see a lot of possibility of this auto-pilot system. One way is to secure safety during a transportation in cargo and trucks. For example, in a case of night bus, the driver can set auto-driving  if the driver got too tired. It reduces the risk of accidents and someday automatic AI can d the delivery. And the best part is that so far there is not record of accident while auto-driving. 

What other usage do we have from this auto-pilot?


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  1. April 2, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    I think that this is really interesting! I like how it can be used in the future to help people with disabilities who can no longer drive. However, being the cautious person I am, I don’t know if I trust 100% the automatic driving feature (granted, I still would have to do research on it to be more educated about the automatic system) because I would be nervous losing my sense of control over the car. Overall though I think that this hands free car is a new and interesting idea that I think we should look at for the future.

  2. April 5, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    I also think this post is very interesting! Having an auto-pilot to help you park the car, take over when you are tired, or literally direct you in the right direction could be very convenient and exciting, but I’m not entirely convinced that the auto-pilot concept is entirely safe. What if the machine has a glitch, or there is some freak incident in the system that disables the machines to work properly? I think the concept is fascinating, but nothing is infallible, there will always be a minor glitch or problem within the system. I like the idea of having an auto-pilot as a backup, but I just wish there was 100% confirmation that the technology wouldn’t fail or that there is a backup auto-pilot. I think the concept is truly interesting, but I am skeptical of how well it will ultimately work. Of course it will improve over the years, but for the first few models/years, I plan on staying on my guard while using the auto-pilot feature, or maybe not using the feature at all.

  3. avtheo
    April 5, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    An auto-pilot system can be beneficial and detrimental to society. It’s ability in aiding people to drive, park and navigate their machine and automobiles definitely reflects its positive aspects. However, how much should we really rely on technology like auto-pilot today? I really think that society have grown to dependent on navigation systems and highly advanced technology that I believe we have lost touch with the ordinary side of humanity.
    For example, a big anecdote to this a ferry crashing off the cost of Greece in 2005, killing almost everyone on the ship. The reason for this occurring is because of the auto-pilot system on the ship. The captain and crew put on the auto-pilot so that they could watch a soccer game and being so enthralled by the game they weren’t aware that the ship was heading for a small unknown island and when they noticed it was too late. This semi-titanic story makes it evident that we need to be less dependent on technology.
    Although, the highly advanced technology of today is definitely beneficial and should be utilized, it is important for people to take a step back once in a while and just do things on their own with no technological help.

  4. johnwmanning
    April 7, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    This concept seems very interesting, but I would agree with everyone else about the possible short falls of the technology. It would take a lot of technology to replace human abilities, such as anticipating and avoiding certain dangers. I don’t know if this technology would be able see and detect road hazards at the same distance as humans. However, this technology is very cool and reminds me of Johnny Cabs in Total Recall! It would be a critical blow to this technology if something were to go wrong, hopefully it doesn’t!

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