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The First Trip To the Moon: a Hoax?

Inspired by the previous entry about the existence of aliens, I remembered a very interesting story. After my junior year of high school I went to Barcelona to study for a month over the summer. While I was there, I learned a wide range of information, mostly about the Spanish language. One day, however, while I was in the computer lab class, the teacher presented us with an activity about how America’s first mood landing was all a lie.

Having grown up in America, I was never faced with such questioning of American beliefs. Yet here, the teacher was telling us, and suggesting it’s validity, that the first mood landing was completely faked and that America never really landed on the moon. We simply filmed a video in a studio and photoshopped some pictures as a way to one up the Russians in the Cold War. As one of very few Americans, I was immediately taken aback and expected others to be as well. But the two other American’s and I were the only ones in shock. Evidently, all the other countries had presented their students with these opposing viewpoints. Either that or people just did not care.

Anyways, I found this to be incredibly interesting. The argument had plenty of valid points, and what seemed like a large amount of evidence. After simply typing this into google, I found a website devoted to this topic (with a United Kingdom domain name I’d like to add…again, American’s are not the ones doubting the moon landing). This website is 100% convinced that the first moon landing was all a hoax, and they provide many different approaches to explain this further. Check it out here:


What do you think? Are you convinced? Are all these people just a bunch of crazies?


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  1. HK
    April 1, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    I think all the proof you need is the fact that the Apollo 11 astronauts left mirrors on the Moon’s surface so scientists could bounce lasers of them. For 40 years they bounced lasers of these mirrors to measure the changing distance between the Earth and Moon (which is getting bigger by a couple inches each year). Though I think funding has since been cut for that program, it should be enough proof that we have been to the Moon.

  2. April 22, 2012 at 3:57 am

    Very funny, you can spend your whole life trying to argue against this “facts”.

    Even probing it, say putting a lie detector in front of Neil Armstrong will not work.

  3. leimaf
    April 23, 2012 at 4:35 am

    I can not imagine us having progressed this far by being conspirators. Also, would other countries not have outed us when they visited the moon and saw no evidence of us ever having been there? It seems unlikely that they would be eager to help keep our secret. I hear conspiracy theories all the time and although they are convincing, it must be put into perspective that it is their “logical fallacy” that allow them to gain impetus in the first place. Thus, the greatest resource for weeding fact from myth is always skepticism.

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