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Contrary to the common be…

Contrary to the common belief that smoking the drug destroys memory, researchers have found that it could actually keep the brain young.

We all know Marijuana is an illegal substance, and this message is far from promoting its use, but alas a new discovery has emerged! Browsing the internet for some interesting articles, I came across The Telegraph, a UK run magazine discussing some recent findings.

The article was written by Richard Alleyne, a science correspondent for the media. In his theory, he claims that researchers have recently discovered that this popular drug may actually reduce memory loss and prevent Alzheimer’s Disease from occurring. This report is based on a study conducted at the Ohio State University, providing results stating that certain chemicals in the herb may actually reduce inflammation and increase the formation of brain cells.

Who would have though that the long time belief on the limitations behind marijuana may not have been right at all? Although the direct link to a cure for Alzheimer’s is still unknown, the study signifies the drug’s ability to delay or prevent its start. Of course in order for this drug to be legalized, it has to be adjusted. Many of its properties will still remain, but the “high” feeling may not be as potent. Sorry folks!

So now its up to you to decide whether this is just crazy talk or some real life phenomenon. Of course, research has only started on this substance, there is still a load of facts yet to be discovered. For now though, we can be amazed at the fact that we could have held a wrong assumption this entire time.

Oh, Mary Jane, why do you confuse us so?


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  1. xavierholmes
    March 28, 2012 at 12:48 am

    It always confuses me when people are surprised that there are beneficial uses of cannabis. Not only is it useful for treating Alzheimer’s but research has shown that its useful for helping patients cope with symptoms caused by ailments such as arthritis and cancer. I highly doubt recreational use will ever be made legal but hopefully the stigma that comes with cannabis use will disappear so that more research can be conducted on it.

  2. March 31, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    The legalization of marijuana is probably one of the most discussed topics in the modern world. People are fiercely arguing for the both sides of the discussion. What we know for sure: weed has its positive effects. The medical usefulness of marijuana for chemotherapies is not doubtable. Every day new discoveries are made on the utility of this substance. Many people compare it with alcohol, saying that ethanol in fact, has much higher level of organism and especially liver damage than weed does. I am not trying to promote it, however, science is moving forward, so the society and politics should follow it. The criminal situations associated with marijuana are going way beyond acceptable borders; the question of “decriminalization of weed” becomes one of the most popular nowadays. I am not trying to promote it here, but just looking into facts, many countries adopted policies of partial decriminalization and legislation and they are not doing worse by adopting such policies. So, maybe it is the time to listen to scientists, to look into positive sides of it, and to do the next step?

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