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Medical and psychological view on drug abuse.


The article “Discovery of Brain’s Natural Resistance to Drugs May offer clues to treating addiction” provides an inside look on the recent studies and new scientific findings that concern the drug addiction, concentrating primarily on cocaine and methamphetamine addictions. As statistics for 2009 show, the number of deaths due to drug abuse (more than 37, 000 people) significantly overwhelms the number of deaths for car accidents attracting more attention to the problem of drug abuse in the modern society. As researchers found out, the powerful response to the drug injection last for few days, releasing neurotransmitters that are responsible for the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. The release of dopamine can be mimicked that can possibly result in the creating of a medicine that can treat drug addiction by providing the similar drug that does not create addiction but can help in stimulating same receptors in the brain as dopamine does. In fact, the drug abuse in modern society becomes a significant problem that could be even called an illness. This is a decision that is similar to the decision of jumping under the train. Moreover, it is a decision in the way of thinking, of judging the world. If a lot of people are mistaken, it becomes a social problem, the problem in the mode of life. The motto of this way of life: “Catch the moment! Be happy right now, because tomorrow you can die.” But the death starts immediately from both psychological and medical points of view and the happiness just stays in the memory of people. This way of life is not completely different from the way that other people live, it is probably much faster. You live not for decades but for days and months. Today, a lot of attention is focused on the drug abuse problem, on the search for the ways of treating and escaping drugs. Despite the significant amounts put in the education about drugs, the addiction still stays a major social issue of our society.

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  1. March 26, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    I believe that people, particularly teenagers and children, need to be educated about the dangers of taking prescription drugs and why there are such risks associated with it. When people visit their doctors, they might question the drug they are prescribed and ask about updated information on a particular type of brand, but do they ever ask if they might become addicted to it? Most teenagers these days are addicted to some sort of medication or another it seems like, and I believe their addiction is due to a lack of information regarding prescription medications. People chase the positive side effects of the medication, yet disregard the labeled side effects or negative consequences to taking medication. People need to realize that although medication is the quickest answer, it is not always the right one. I find it interesting that scientists/drug companies are pursuing the creation of a pill that will help curb addiction to prescription meds through another prescription. However, I believe that if it ultimately helps addicts wean of their RX abuse, then I it is understandable and appropriate. Yet, it does seems strange that they are combating this particular addiction with another prescription medication, but if the addicts are almost 100% guaranteed that they wont get addicted to the “helper” medication, then I believe people who are truly desperate should give it a try.

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