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Smugglers With Creative Minds

Oftentimes, criminals are thought of as stupid or unintelligent; in this article, we come across come very creative and almost ingenious ways that smugglers have come up with to smuggle goods into other countries. I believe that coming up with plans such as this is a science in itself- organizing details and making plans is undoubtedly a part of the scientific method that is being used to achieve a goal (albeit, an illegal one.) This post is somewhat of a photo post showing some of the creative and entertaining ways that goods are used to move across the country.

Creative smuggling

This photo shows money concealed in German pastries, being shipped out of Berlin.

Creative smuggling

These tiny endangered Egyptian turtles were found packed inside water bottles in a smugglers suitcase after he went through airport security in Naples. They were alive and were sent to Rome’s main zoo for further care.

Creative smuggling

These Australian native geckos were concealed in a hollowed-out book, complete with a small habitat to keep them alive until their arrival in the United States. Customs investigators responded and took possession of the package. Inside they found a hollowed-out book containing two adult and two baby southern leaf tail geckos.

Creative smuggling

In Germany, soccer balls are often used to smuggle strong cigarettes and packs of Ecstasy and marijuana out of the country. They are a popular way to transport a lot of material inconspicuously.

Creative smuggling

This woman was smuggling 51 live tropical fish in her skirt aboard an airplane from Australia. Customs began to be suspicious after hearing “strange flipping noises coming from the vicinity of her waist.”

Creative smuggling

This wooden door being exported from Mexico was found to contain around twenty pounds of cocaine in concealed in the woodwork. The smuggler was going to suck out the cocaine from the woodwork with a vacuum once it arrived in the United States. Creative smuggling

These exotic frogs were found in film canisters after they were trying to be smuggled from Panama. They were discovered at the Brussles national airport- more than 500 amphibian creatures were smuggled into the country by two Belgian citizens to sell on the black market at about 170 American dollars each.

I find it very entertaining to read articles like this, because it gives a bit of insight into the human mind and some of the creative and oftentimes outlandish ways people come up with to try and smuggle goods across borders. Some of these are things I never would have even thought of. It makes me wonder just how much material is being brought across in things like hollowed books, film canisters, and suitcases that we have no idea about. Because remember: these are just some of the ways we’ve caught- there are hundreds more out there that haven’t been seized and discovered yet.

  1. HK
    March 25, 2012 at 12:52 am

    Wow! They may be criminals, but you have to admit, that’s some impressive ingenuity! Equally impressive are the customs agents for thinking to look in those bizarre hiding places. But you’re right, for every person caught smuggling, there must be some who get away with it which is disconcerting. If only they would put this creativity to good use! Thanks for posting this–it was entertaining

  2. March 26, 2012 at 4:17 am

    This is very interesting. Smuggling has become somewhat of an art form, the creativity of people is never ending. While the pictures above depict very interesting and sometimes cute forms of smuggling, the smuggling of drugs can get to be very unjust and brutal. Junior year of high school i watched a movie in Spanish class called “Maria Lenna de Gracia” which translates to “Maria Full of Grace.” The movie was about young women who were paid to swallow large rubber oval shaped packages of cocaine. This, in itself, was no easy task. These women would then go on an airplane to the United State, and once they landed would be picked up by drug-ring workers and held until they would pass the rubber ovals. Only once they gave the men these ovals would they get paid. These woman would swallow around 30 of these cocaine packages. Not only is this incredibly painful, it is incredibly dangerous. If just one of those packages ruptures, the woman would most likely die. On top of physical danger, these woman would often be recognized by US officials and taken to a place where they would wait until the packages would pass, confiscate them, then the woman would be deported back to their native country. In the movie, one of the woman started becoming very sick, and the other women with her insisted to the drug workers that they take her to the hospital. In total disregard of the woman’s life, instead of taking her to the hospital they let her die and then cut open her stomach to get the drugs and then threw her out into the street. Drug smuggling and other types of smuggling may seem interesting and almost funny, but I would like to remind everyone how dangerous and awful it can be for the innocent people who become involved in it simply because of the large necessity for money.

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