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Global Warming- The Ongoing Debate

I just read a article titled “Less Sea Ice Brings More Snow” which talks about how the melting ice caps due to global warming are causing brutal winters in parts of the world. They found that the ice, which reflects the sun’s rays, is melting and now the ocean which is underneath starts absorbing the rays because of the darker color. This causes the water surface and the air above it to increase in temperature, which changes how the wind circulates. 

But this just another article discussing one of the numerous effects of global warming. What I wanted to focus on is how global warming has become such a popular topic, and how some people are slowly changing their ways, either by recycling, conserving electricity, carpooling, etc. in order to be more environmentally friendly. But there is also the other group that doesn’t believe that global warming, or global climate change, doesn’t exist at all, and that these abnormally warm days during our winter season are just natural phenomenons. 

My question is: What are your views on how we are dealing with the effects of global warming? Are there any ways that we can encourage people who aren’t trying to save the environment to start? And for those who don’t believe it exists, what is your reaction to how there have been numerous articles that talk about how we must adjust our behaviors now before we cause permanent damage to the environment?

Article link: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/338792/title/Less_sea_ice_brings_more_snow 

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  1. March 16, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Global warming is the constant ongoing debate not only on environmental issue but also on economical and political policies. If few years ago the fact of global warming was still doubtful, right now there is not even a question whether global warming exists or not. The climate is changing and the balance in nature disappeared – that is obvious to everybody. Scientists might debate the reasons of global warming: whether it is due to the human impact or just a natural process such as boulder-period. At the point where humanity might face the biggest natural catastrophe in its history, the question of recycling is important but not essential. For my opinion its too late for minor activity, we should think wider: reduction of pollution by more than 50%, alternative sources of energy replacing completely the heat electropower stations and crearing fresh water reserves just “in case”. Overall, it s better to be overcautious than regret after… Its time for major actions and scietists will play the main role in this survival game.

  2. avtheo
    March 19, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Global warming is maybe the most touchy subject in todays world. Some people believe it is happening and others, who are more ignorant, don’t. Personally, I think it is pretty apparent that global warming definitely exists, but the problem is that people don’t understand if the ozone layer is thinning, warming the earth than why are we having so many monster blizzards. Well, people should know that with the ice caps melting theres more precipitation in the atmosphere causing blizzards to occur.
    “Going Green” is a definite trend these days but there needs to be more action to correcting the earths fatal state. People are looking to short term goals right now and I believe we need to initiate long term goals because that is the only way change will actually happen with the climate. We are facing the consequences now for abusing the earths resources and to deal with them people really must be more active and not just go with the trend but believe in it.

  3. March 19, 2012 at 12:49 am

    i think certain people got tired of hearing why global warming is happening. I want to know more direct approach how I can stop global warming. It needs to be practical and built in to our daily life. The industries are quickly adapting to the green movement and they started to invent “environmentally sustainable,”
    I do not know how driving a brand new hybrid car such as Prius is the solution. I think Prius is a biggest scam by the automobile industries and people are buying into it.

    I think the best solution is to go back about before industrialized societies and live like those Renaissance fair people.

  4. March 20, 2012 at 3:28 am

    People who don’t believe it isn’t happening are not “ignorant.” There are actually a lot of great studies by scientists who can easily counter global warming claims. This scientist did a study that showed that an ice cap almost didn’t melt at all over a decade, despite wailing and woe of rapidly melting glaciers.
    Plus, a lot of pictures and material uses propaganda used to get people’s attention and money, and oftentimes exaggerate or even outright falsify claims.
    It is more “ignorant” to jump to conclusions from the media and big name companies about things like global warming and it’s oftentimes exaggerated role in today’s world. If you really want facts and to find out some of the science behind it, read studies done on BOTH sides. Don’t just take what one side says- make an informed decision on your own research and opinion rather than from just a biased view when you haven’t done research on all the evidence.

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