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Hey everyone! So this blog post is not about actual Baby Mamas. But if you have seen the move Baby Mama with Tina Fey, then you know it’s about a supposed infertile women using surrogacy to fulfill her dream of being a mother. Surrogacy is a relatively recent method of creating a family, and evokes mixed feelings and concerns from people. However, it can currently take years for a woman to be able to adopt a child, and if she can not get pregnant on her own, should she be forced to never have children?

Stem Cell Research has been a very controversial issue here in America in the past few decades. I was reading the Blog “Popular Science” when I came upon an article titled “Scientists use stem cells to generate human eggs in the lab”. So this could potentially mean that one day, scientists could remove stem cells from woman with fertility problems, and create and develop the eggs in a laboratory. This also could open up possibilities for research of the effect of nutrition and various medicines on the eggs.

I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with Stem Cell Research, I merely think it is fascinating that science has come so far in recent years. I’m also very interested in hearing what other people have to think about the future of Stem Cell Research, and various methods of becoming parents? Do you agree with all of these alternative methods to the traditional pregnancy? Or do you find it all a little Sci-Fi and out of the ordinary?

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  1. March 1, 2012 at 3:43 am

    This is an extremely controversial and complicated topic. While some people can say “it’s morally wrong” and “we shouldn’t play God” all they want, when it comes down to it, if it was their mother, father, brother or sister dying from a disease that could be helped or even fixed with stem cells, they’d be the first ones saying yes. The real question is, how far is too far when making advances in medicine, or is there even a too far? There are nearly hundreds of diseases and disorders that can be dramatically improved or even healed with stem cells, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, birth defects, heart diseases, Type 1 diabetes, strokes, spinal injuries, brain injuries, and replacing damaged organs, to name just a few. Some studies have even gotten far enough to suggest that they could play a large role in solving the mystery of a cure for cancer- but not enough funding is available to further this research- that, plus the fact that many people don’t have all their information together when shouting “wrong” about stem cell research.
    Many stem cells that scientists used for research so far have been from embryos that were already going to be discarded. These embryos come from in vitro fertilization. When a woman has in vitro fertilization, more embryos are produced than are needed for the egg. Typically, these embryos get thrown out. What should be done is that they should be being used for this research and cures. Instead, people cry “foul” about their tax dollars being used for something they don’t approve of, most often for moral convictions. I suppose them that they don’t agree with their tax dollars going to save countless lives of children and adults, and would rather them be wasted on other things. My sister was one of those lives saved. You can never truly say what you would do unless you are put in that situation, and you’ll find that most of us will do anything over our moral or ethical convictions to save someone you love.

  2. March 1, 2012 at 6:31 am

    Because I am already an old person, stem cell research coming into our daily medical scene sounds like a sci-fi story to me.
    And I do not see any ethical issues.

    I am more interested in how many years it will take to become well accepted medical treatment for everyone in the society. What is the point of the research if majority of the citizens can not afford the treatment? As long as it is affordable and safe, no one deserves to die when some medical treatment such as stem cell research can save them.

    I believe that people who are opposed to the research has the freedom to reject the stem cell treatment, and deal with their health issue by their self. Sometime diseases comes from the one’s mind, and not their body.
    And more importantly just because some random religion is opposed to stem-cell research, it will not stop the scientists from researching the “cure.”

  3. March 1, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Stem Cell Research can most definitely be acknowledged as a revolutionary scientific phenomena. The talk of cloning and reproduction has baffled science for as long as life has existed, partly because half of it is still an unknown mystery. The fact that now we are able to produce babies in laboratories using eggs from a woman, is a bit scary for me. It’s making the gift of birth lose its touch of miracle. Although not particularly religious, I do believe that God identifies who should be a mother and who shouldn’t. This implementation of genetics into a body defeats that mentality and once again ignites the battle between science and religion.

    I do think more research should be done on this experiment, for it could better our future by providing answers to many various questions. I don’t think people have a right to call it immoral because it’s not their choice. Those who wish to undergo this process and bear a child using this method have more than every right to, until its proven to affect a negative aspect of life.

  4. johnwmanning
    March 2, 2012 at 2:31 am

    I believe women who can’t conceive naturally have a lot to benefit from Stem Cell Research. This technology is a miracle to those who want, and deserve children, by giving them another avenue to help them conceive a child. To agree with the other commentators, I feel that as long as no one is getting hurt in the procedure, using Stem Cell Research to help out those who are in need is a viable medical solution.
    However, with all technologies, there are some downsides. The envelope is being pushed a little too far when people start to create “Designer Babies.” Designing a child, to me, sounds more unnatural than anything else. At least with in vitro fertilization the mothers eggs and the fathers sperm are brought together to create a child under “somewhat” natural conditions. The genetic makeup is allowed to decide who the child will be. Designing a child takes all of the miracle out of the equation and completely takes away the mystery.

  5. leimaf
    April 23, 2012 at 3:36 am

    While stem cell research is revolutionary for aspiring mothers suffering from infertility or carrying unhealthy genes, the sad reality is that it is in human nature to abuse knowledge and more than likely this will become merely another profitable business (i.e. – designer babies). I agree with the users above, however, that there are still a lot of benefits from this type of research and that it should not be denied to these mothers. Claiming otherwise would be equivalent to arguing that early humans should have never learned to make fire because some people became arsons.

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