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Happy Pills

From junk food to fast food, a majority of the population today does not get the nutrients and vitamins necessary for healthy day-to-day living. In order to lead a healthy life we need calcium, vitamin C etc. so that complications don’t arise later on in life. A very small percentage of people today are concerned with the future, so they put anything in their mouths, which most of the time contains a lot trans fats and sodium. This perplexes me but I am done questioning the decisions people, especially Americans, make today.

My mother always says “everything in moderation,” which is completely true, but not many people realize the validity in this statement. McDonald’s and microwavable meals makes life easier, especially for college students because they’re so cheap; but no matter the inexpensiveness, we need daily nourishment.

People are not gonna change the way they eat, so that is when things like supplements come into the picture. I just started taking a multivitamin and already feel the difference. Many think the benefits of supplements are mythological, but I am one example of many that prove they are not. I don’t eat junk food and still take them, so I suggest no matter what you consume just add one sole multivitamin a day because you will notice the difference. I mean don’t people want to be healthy? This is not an alternative to eating healthy or working out but it is a benefit to a healthy life style. Try it, you will see.

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  1. DM
    February 29, 2012 at 3:20 am

    I started taking a multivitamin when I came to school, and I noticed a difference as well. It improved my skin, my energy, and I haven’t been really sick. And i definitely think there is a huge nutrition issue here in America, especially with college students! I have definitely been guilty of late night runs to 7-11, or Carving’s french fries. But overall, even the excuse of junk food being cheaper doesn’t really work, because we have a meal plan. As college students who for the most part have our meal plan paid for, we are all definitely capable of attesting attempting to maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle. No matter how many multivitamins you take, if you’re still filling your body with fried grease, your going to be unhealthy.

  2. February 29, 2012 at 7:30 am

    From a young age, my mom has always “fed” me natural vitamins and enforced in me that these nutrients are essential for good health. I’ve known this for years, and this is why now I have a veritable stock of B vitamins, Omega 3s, and many different minerals and herbs to keep me healthy here at college and feeling my best. I try to get my boyfriend to take some with me, but he isn’t quite convinced yet that something that’s not prescription can actually work. While they are most definitely not a replacement for vegetables, they do provide a lot of essential fatty acids and minerals that are not found in a lot foods, or that most humans do not get enough of anyway, such as Vitamin D and B vitamins. I know that these are imperative for a long and healthy life, and I wish people were more educated on alternative medicine rather than mainstream prescriptions.

  3. March 1, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    Although I do believe it is highly important to treat your body and well-being right, by offering it the proper amount of vitamins, sometimes taking too many supplements may actually have negative effects on your health. My mother has always been very against taking pills for any sort of medicinal purpose. She has always believed that by eating right and working out you will be as healthy as the day you were born.

    I disagree with my moms take on pills, and do think that at times they are vital and necessary. I myself take vitamins bought from Whole Foods to enhance my energy (B-12) and help with my diet (acai berries). Both of these stimulants have helped me stay healthy, but I still think a large part of it is based on the placebo effect. Just because I think they’re supposed to make me feel better, doesn’t mean that they actually are. In fact, I have gotten sick more times while I have been here than for all my 4 years of high school.

    Sure stimulants are necessary if one is lacking a certain nutrient in the body. My anemia causes frequent fatigue to develop that stops me from getting my work done. The B-12 vitamin I have been taking is helping me to get up out of bed in the mornings and provides me with energy to get through the week.

    So in conclusion, I’d like to state that vitamins are helpful in promoting a healthy lifestyle but they are not necessary and should be avoided if not needed. Taking too much of anything is always bad, and a healthy life should be about more than a bottle of pills.

  4. March 3, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    I agree that while vitamins are very important people should not consider them a substitute to eating the right kinds of foods and working out. Taking one pill a day does not make someone healthy if they are eating foods that are bad for them more often than they should.

    I also wish that information about vitamins could be more widely distributed. I take a daily multivitamin (when I remember) and feel comfortable looking for them in a grocery store, but when it comes to specific supplements such as fish oil, vitamin E, B-12, etc. I feel like I do not have enough knowledge to feel comfortable buying them for myself. I feel that with more education on supplements and the pros/cons of taking them I would feel more comfortable buying vitamins and knowing that they will have a beneficial effect on my health.

  5. March 5, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    I only take those healthy pills when I am feeling sick, and that is probably the only time when I feel the super power.

    I try to think, “I am sick, because I did not eat healthy” or ” I am sick, because I still have alcohol in my body and my liver is tormented.”

    My family never told me to take those vitamin pills because we thought our regular 3 meals will provide enough minerals and vitamins for my daily needs. I try to learn what kind of vegetables contains a lot of iron, or vitamin D. I probably know that fish oil comes from fish, so I am not that worry about that one. I think that is the right kind of education we need.

    I believe that eating and health is all about balancing ingredients. If all of us eat three meals, and it is well cooked with varieties of food, I do not see the need of healthy pills.

    Well I understand college students do not eat three meals per day, and also yes economic factor do come into play.

    I would not worry about health as long as I know what I am making and serving to people. I do not want to go up to my kids or any guests in my house and say
    ” Hey drink this pill after the meal!! My rice ball spaghetti does not have enough potassium for you to stay healthy, so I think you should take this two 1000mg potassium pills.”

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