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Hygene 101

Coming to college I was used to living with a roommate because I attended boarding school for my high school career. I like my things in order and space to myself, so my old roommates would probably say that I am difficult to live with. However, I have never had so much difficulty with a roommate as I do right now; and the consequences have really heightened my fixation on hygiene. It is hard to not focus so much on hygiene when I constantly notice the lack of cleanliness of my roommate and my room. No matter how much I clean I cannot keep up with her dirtiness. It is not just the smells of dirty trash and clothes that concerns me, but really one worry of mine revolves around my own health. Adapting to a new place, your body has to adjust, sometimes it rejects the new environment, sometimes it accepts it. For me, my body has not adjusted positively to my new habitat. I am a health nut and try to be as healthy as I can, in order to not get sick. But living with someone who has absolutely opposite concerns with sanitation clashes with my ability to remain healthy. I mean, it is not shocking that my immune system is shot and I’ve gotten more sick this year than I have been within a 3 year period. So, when the rumors of the GWU nurovirus hit the fan I was beside myself. I was so scared to get it that I did not buy food on my Gworld for almost a week. I was a little neurotic but I seriously didn’t want to take my chances because I have had the stomach flu before and trust me it is not fun. I have been taking airborne like candy and hopefully with the nicer weather coming my immune system will take a turn for the better. In fact, I have been taking supplements and other things to boost my health and it is definitely working. As for living with my difficult roommate, I have learned that there are some things in life that are not easy and we just have to live with them, literally.

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  1. February 21, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    I find this post very interesting! Although I am not a neat freak, I do value cleanliness and absolutely abhor finding a messy room after spending time cleaning it. Since coming to college, I believe I have become more obsessed with cleanliness than I was at home. At home, I was forced by my mother to finish my chores but often lucked out since my twin has an OCD-like tendency to clean and organize everything in sight. Often times I depended on my twin to help with my chores and was labeled the “messy” one in my family. Although the label irritated me, it was true and I admit my contributions to daily chores, such as folding the laundry and cleaning the cat liter, were minimal. However, living in a 6-person dorm in Thurston forced me to recognize my responsibilities and realize that I value neatness and despise clutter. In my opinion, neatness promotes order and health, while clutter promotes disorder and sickness. When the stomach flu began to bombard students, I resorted to scrubbing the bathroom floor, vacuuming the rugs and emptying every trash can in sight, regardless if it was full or not. I have a poor immune system in general, so when word of an illness began to circulate throughout the Thurston halls, I barricaded myself in my room and stocked up on chewy vitamins and natural supplements to boost my immune system. I may not always avoid an illness, but at least I will try to. Ultimately, living with messy roommates is a hassle, but it has granted me the opportunity to embrace my naturally neat tendencies and educate myself with vitamins and minerals dedicated to combating sickness and promoting my well-being.

  2. lexicory
    February 21, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    I am a huge neat freak, although not as much obsessed with the “cleanliness” factor. Mine more stems from me having to have everything tidied and in its place. I also have a weak immune system right now, and take supplements and Emergen-C to try and combat this. I was extremely worried about a roommate here in GW, and that’s why I chose to live in a single. GW offers very, very nice singles for freshman in West Hall on the Vern. I did my research and now have a room to myself, and keep it as clean as I like with no interference. I knew this would suit me much better than constantly picking up after someone as my roommate. The Vern is a beautiful place, but even if it wasn’t, having my own room with everything as clean as I want it is something that was extremely important to me, because I know that if I am distracted or constantly cleaning up behind someone that my grades will suffer also. One reason I love GW so much is that the offer dorms for nearly every situation- singles even for freshman. I plan on living in a single for the rest of my time here at GW, and it makes my life so much easier.

  3. February 21, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    Having, unfortunately, been a victim of the Nurovirus helps me sympathize with your situation. The virus took over my life last week, proving to be a complete and total disaster. Going home for the weekend helped me relax and eventually get the nasty germs out of my body. While seeing my doctor, I was recommended to start taking B-12 vitamins to help increase my energy and keep my health up. The stimulant is still new to me, but so far I have felt a lot better each morning, even without my usual caffeine intake.

    On the issue of your “super clean” roommate, I suggest you set some ground rules. Even if you have to so far as to put a tape on the floor to divide whats yours from hers. If she wants to be a slob let her do it on her own terms without inhibiting your personal space.

    Staying healthy is extremely hard, especially when you are constantly surrounded by other people’s germs. Especially living in a dormitory you are bound to come across one sickness or another passed down in elevators, lobby’s, water fountains and etc. Stay clean and make sure to carry around that hand sanitizer!

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