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When toy becomes high tech

Hey this is my second post about science!

My name is plankton and I want to take about 4 minutes of your time. Do not worry about the language, but try to stare at this spinning top for the entire movie.

This spinning top won the Japanese spinning top competition on February 2nd, 2012. I have never seen a spinning top that would keep spinning for 3 minutes straight. I do not know exactly how spinning top works, but from my experience from playing with spinning tops, I have never seen such a high-tech toys in my life.

This long-lasting spinning top is only 2cm in diameter, and the company which made this spinning top also handles in creating the pieces for artificial satellite. It is designed to be powered by human fingers and like a normal top there is nothing more or less, except for its size and long endurance.

I saw a true power of craftsmanship and the possibility of science in physics. It is not only about applying our discoveries to practice, but it is also about the science of practicality.

Every useful gadgets is not just simple discovery or creativity put into the technologies. There is also the science of Designing which modifies and shapes the way we see and utilize the gadget. For example, I believe that there is a significant amount of science which distinguishes IPOD and other music players that is out in the market. Even though there are hundreds of music player in the world, why is Ipod the only product to be chosen by the majority of people?

I think the answer is in the design and the science of physics. It is not only about the style and looks, but it is about practicality of the gadgets. If it is human who uses all of those gadget,(maybe there are some outer-space aliens that we do not know, and lives on this planet Earth….)  it had to be scientifically designed to adapt to our body and function without frustrating us. Most of the human have 10 fingers and two hands, so it makes sense if the designers had to associate anatomy and technology.

Also, when technicians designs an efficient gadget, there is the physics aspect of maximizing its potential energy. It is not always about the style but more about practicality. For example, bullet trains are not designed to have the beak like figure in the front of the first car to look cool and futuristic. It is designed to reduce  the air resistance to the lowest point, so there is a scientific reason for its style.

It is difficult to see the hard work and science in our gadget we see in our daily life, but it is extremely dope craftwork.

So second question: what makes ipod so different from other music devices? What kind of other science are involved in designing products?

Right now I am thinking about psychology, but I just do not have enough knowledge on it.

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