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Tea Party

After reading the blog “Why I Don’t Read Those Links You Send Me”, I started wondering about all of my personal health issues and beliefs. Some have risen from various articles and TV programs. I do enjoy reading about what will help me lose 10 pounds and what will make my hair look shinier, as every normal adolescent girl probably does. Recently though, I have began taking a double look at all of these new “phenomena” recorded by scientists.

One of the many articles I have read during the past week has had to do with Green Tea and its effect on a person’s health. The article was found online, in a post made by ABC Science. The longitudinal study was conducted by Yasutake Tomata in the Tohoko University Graduate School of Medicine in which 14,000 participants, aged 65 and over, were followed for three years.

Findings proved that those individuals who drank green tea almost every day were less likely to experience difficulty performing everyday tasks. These tasks included even the most simplest, such as dressing and bathing. The article states that, “Specifically, almost 13 per cent of adults who drank less than a cup of green tea per day became functionally disabled, compared with just over 7 per cent of people who drank at least five cups a day.”

These results can be interpreted in many ways, some of which include total and complete lies. I do know that green tea contains the least amount of caffeine than any other tea, which might be an important factor. Of course, the author of “Why I Don’t Read Those Links You Send Me”, might have a great argument disputing the viability of this study.

I am sure there have been many other articles discussing the various side effects of green tea. For some reason though, I do believe that green tea is good for your health and body. Coming from arid sources, and having pretty much all natural ingredients can hardly make it bad for someone’s well-being. You can have your own opinion and interpretation, but I still would like to believe that Vitamin K and Green Tea itself, is a product made to better my life and existence.


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