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The Vampire Diaries

Hey guys for today, I thought this article could be a little more “girly” I suppose.  I wanted to compare to completely different ideas and still have it be “scientific.” I found an article that discusses the topic of what scientists call “bat-flies.” The fossils of these bat flies have shown that they are at least 20 million years old but only now have they been recently identified.

I am sure that many of you know the Tv series “The Vampire Diaries.” I will admit that I am guilty of loving it despite how girly and cliche it might be. The men in that show, in my opinion,  are really attractive  and the story is actually good. Anyway, when I think about vampires, I think about the Tv shows we watch and the fictional novels that consist of these characters. But in reality, vampires are small creatures and they will feed on anything.

We do have information on bats but these “bat-flies” are fairly new to us. The idea that these bat flies are 20 million years old and that they have been recently discovered, startled me a bit. Oregon State University scholars discovered the fossil of this interesting creature. These flies are a said to be a great example of scientific evolution.

They are also said to have taken revenge on bats. The flies are the parasites for bats. So technically bats had their own “vampires” to worry about. The flies would only leave the bats they were feeding on during mating season. They would then quickly return to their normal habits.

I just thought it would be interesting to compare these two ideas of “vampires”. The modern definition of vampires are tall, dark and handsome but in reality the definition of vampire is small and deadly creature.

So what do you guys prefer? The men in Vampire Diaries or bats and flies? I’m pretty sure I know your answer. Who else loves

” The Vampire Diaries”? Am I the only one?


The bat-Fly



  1. February 7, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    I am going to be honest, I have never seen the Vampire Diaries and I don’t really have any interest in watching it; but the theme of vampires is so strong within current pop culture I had to respond to this post because it’s something interesting to think about. Today, we do portray the fictional beings of Vampires as tall, dark, and handsome, and their mysterious nature seduces almost all females around the world. Unfortunately, the truth about these men boils down to the fact that they are fictional, but their concept is inspired by science like the bat-fly. Yet again, we see how science is embedded into all sources of life.

  2. February 8, 2012 at 1:06 am

    I would just like to say how happy I am that you posted this. One, because I am fairly obsessed with the Vampire Diares (Stephan <3). But two, because it's been a long time since I actually thought about the idea of "real" vampires. Before Twilight and all the other vampire romance books/movies, the image that came to mind at the word vampire was that of Dracula, and a cave full of bats. However, I found it really interesting that, on the contrary, these vampire flies are feeding on bats! Who woulda thought?

    • February 8, 2012 at 1:36 am

      I’m so glad you love the vampire diaries. I love Stephan too. And yea if you think about it, where did they get this idea of beautiful men from small scary creatures. And it’t even more crazy that these bats have their own vampires. I am glad you posted a comment!

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