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Science beyond the classroom?

Hi everyone! So last week in class we all got the chance to read samples of essays on the nature of science before we begin to write our own papers. When I first read the details of the assignment, I was nervous to say the least. Science has never been one of my favorite subjects, and I had basically no motivation to explore the field beyond my biology and chemistry classrooms. So how in the world was I supposed to write a 1200 word essay on my personal nature of science!?

However, when I sat down to read the sample essays Professor Myers posted, I was shocked. I was actually interested in what these students were writing about. It hit me that my little bubble of stereotypical science was not what  the field actually is. Science is cooking, illness, Artic ice caps, and so much more that what we are exposed to in chem lab. The subject that I dreaded for so long was becoming more intruiging.

With this first paper ahead of me, I feel more confident that I will actually enjoy and benefit from taking this UW, in ways other than getting to sleep in on Friday mornings. And although I can pretty much guarentee I will not be signing up for multitudes of science classes after this semester, I can already tell I am going to walk away from this class with a greater knowledge of the science I experience in my life everyday.

  1. February 6, 2012 at 4:36 am

    The sample essays posted by our Professor really transformed my interpretation of science and how we’re supposed to look at it in this class. I’m really excited to write on this new topic because it will give ma chance to further explore the definition of “science.”

    Not much of a science nerd to begin with, this prompt is about finding your own way of looking into this concept. So far the hardest part for me is deciding how I’m going to formulate my thoughts into a cohesive essay. I haven’t really come up with a first draft yet, but I’m close to finishing up my brainstorming. Wish me luck!

  2. February 6, 2012 at 4:52 am

    I can completely relate to your thoughts. Throughout high school I certainly never considered myself a science nerd. While I challenged myself and took the honors courses, it was clear that I often lagged behind the others who were quick to understand the polarity of water or the process of photosynthesis. So, just like you, I wasn’t exactly sure where this essay would take me.

    After reading the sample essays I have come to understand that science is so much more than what we learn in school. It goes so far beyond controlled experiments in a lab, and tests every tuesday. Science is what progresses our technology, what keeps us healthy, and also what causes many debates worldwide. Even though I might not have been the top student in my science class, I have realized that I don’t resent science nearly as much as I though I did.

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