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hello there!

Dear ladies and gentleman,

I will be honest with you, my first attempt to keep a blog have miserably failed, and, in fact, I was always cynically suspicious about the posting or sharing of private diaries and thoughts online. As far as I remember there was one time when I managed to create almost three posts in Livejournal, however, that was the maximum capacity that I was able to reach in the “bloggers world”. “Not very productive”- would you say. And I totally agree.

However, I received a second chance to acquire good habits of blogging by taking “Science, Culture and Media” University writing course. I am extremely happy that I won’t be just randomly writing about anything that turns up to my mind as I used to, but more kind of organized and précised material concerning recent news about science or culture.

According with universally recognized traditions, I am supposed to present myself in few words, in the same time trying to be anonymous. So…I love cats, caramel in all its manifestations and, pharmacology. I hope to post more about the last one.

I look forward to writing for you)

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  1. February 9, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    I feel exactly the same way! I have often thought about creating a blog and posting my thoughts on random topics that interest me, but my blogging success has been relatively pathetic. I am not one who likes to share their personal opinions/thoughts via social networking sites, but now that I am blogging for a class, I believe I will be able to make something of my blogging career! For me, having a blog centered around a particular issue makes it easier to write and expand my thoughts on a certain subject. I also feel more comfortable that I am one student among others in the class that have not blogged or have found blogging to be intimidating and unsuccessful. I believe that If I created a blog, I would worry about the amount of followers, the topics I decide to discuss, and if my blog would generate any interest at all. By blogging for a class, I am given the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be an academic blogger and gain the experience, as well as the confidence, to express my thoughts through a blog. Ultimately, I view blogging as a positive and exciting experience and I feel better knowing that I am entering into the blogging realm with classmates just as unfamiliar to blogging as I am.

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