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Letter of Reflection

Dear Professor Myers, fellow students, and creepers of the internet,

I, like some of you, was ambiguous about taking this UW. I hated science, but I love journalism. Honestly, when I walked into class I had no idea what to expect, but I could have never have imagined learning what I did this semester. Professor Myers taught me how to write and research like a scholar. And somehow, you all taught me to like science.

My views on the revision process changed drastically throughout the semester. When I got my revisions back for Essay 1, I hardly made any changes- just a few grammatical things here and there. To be honest, I had never made drastic revisions on any paper before this class. By examining writing and revision in this class, I learned that it was sometimes necessary and better to revise a big chunk or even all of an essay. I had always heard that the revision process was necessary in high school, but this is the first class that actually made it “click” for me. After my final paper group got our rough draft ripped apart in class (which it deserved), I for the first time in my life, simply erased the document and started again. I never would have done something like that before taking UW.

Learning about BEAM makes me look at writing research papers in an entirely new light. I always knew that I would have to have sources in these papers, but I had never considered how I interacted with them. Now, that kind of seems idiotic. Sorting my sources into the different categories makes seeing how I will use them so much easier and improves my writing greatly.

One of the most valuable tools that I will take away from this class is the ability to research. If not for this class, I probably would not have stepped foot in Gelman or have used one of the databases on its website. I can’t even describe how many times I have already used a database for another class’ paper or research project. And I’ve used the consortium loan service that Tina taught me how to navigate to borrow a book (for fun!). The research techniques that I’ve learned from Professor Myers and Tina are going to be invaluable in the rest of my scholarly pursuits.

However, the one thing that I am proudest of myself for learning in this class has nothing to do with writing. When I walked in the first class, I felt SO uncomfortable because all of you had some of connection or knack with science. I felt …disconnected because I didn’t get science and science didn’t get me. Through examining the different readings and researching blog posts and such, my definition of science has greatly expanded. It’s no longer my high school definition of physics, chemistry, and biology. It’s how cooking is really chemistry, how beauty products are made and marketed, and how the media interprets scientific breakthroughs and findings. It’s things that I care about and understand. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m proud that science now includes me.

Lastly, I think that Professor Myers should keep this blog up long after this class is over. It’s our little contribution to the internet, and while I didn’t have anywhere as big as a role as some of you did in shaping it, I’m proud of this little webpage. 🙂

Go forth and conquer,

Katie Inamasu


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