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Letter of Reflection

Professor Myer and Blogging Buddies,

            Through the experiences in this class and on this blog I have learned much about the writing process and myself.  The revision process has revealed itself to be one of the most important aspects of writing through this course (and not just because it was a course requirement).  I’ve always tended to be a one-and-done, bang ‘em out writer, usually turning in what was essentially a first draft.  Because that wasn’t even a possibility in this class, I came to see how time and distance can add insight and inspiration, especially to the rougher patches.  Going over the first essay, I saw how heavily the creatively influence writing process is by revision.  The second essay taught me about the importance of syntax and structure as a rhetorical tool.  The class exercises on imitation further expounded this point by demonstrating how one creates a specific voice and style.  As a writer who’s always had a fairly specific sound, these assignments helped me experiment stylistically in a way I would not have done otherwise.   Similarly, the first essay forced me to explore my writing style through its unorthodox nature.  As someone who is most comfortable working with interpretation of texts and style analysis, this unusual prompt pushed me out of my box and allowed me to experiment with new ways of conveying ideas and themes in a comparatively nebulous manner.

            I’ve evolved into a more deliberate writer through these processes, taking care with diction, syntax, and structure. Through the various reading assignments I came to recognize the premeditation necessary to write well and came to see this process as something not only frequently returned but also thoroughly preconceived.  With this in mind, I will consider the writing process in its many aspects when working on my next paper focuses equally on outlining, drafting, and revising.  In the second essay, the annotated bibliography, I not only was able to experiment with various structural styles and organizations, but I also was able to learn invaluable knowledge about the nature of scholarly work. .  The second essay, being my most drastically revised work for this class, really helped me develop these impressions of scholarly works and allowed me improve the revision process.  In reading a variety of scholarly sources in this course, I have gained insight not only of science, rhetoric, and media, but of the scholarly process and its writings as well.  The different perspectives of authors and types of readings, from Skloot’s non-fictional narrative to the no-nonsense articles dissecting science in the media, I have been exposed to a host of experiences and perceptions that I can use to form my own personal beliefs on science culture.

            Much in the same way, the class blog helped me not only articulate my relationship with science but also allowed me to better identify and understand it through the interaction of my peers.  The blog has proved not only informative and interesting, but it in participating in it, I have better come to understand first hand the rhetorical intersections of science, media, and culture within the microcosm of this UW course.  While I don’t see any blogging in my future, it was an enlightening experience that has shaped the way I now interpret science and news media. 

            Looking forward, I hope to hone my revision process so that my ideas will be more clear and concise.  Focusing on diction, syntax, and structure will allow me to clarify my points while communicating persuasively and effectively.  While this process will take time, this class has showed me new ways in which I can improve my writing in both scholarly and informal formats that I will carry with me in the rest of my education and career.




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