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Letter of Reflection

Dear Professor Meyers and my fellow UW 1020 students,


Coming to George Washington University I thought I would major it something science related. I intended on going into a biology major or maybe into the School of Public Health. Somehow that has all changed since this summer. I had a defined idea when I came here but then I took a bunch of my GPAC requirements and now I always answer undeclared whenever anyone asks what my major is. I realized that I liked the media and culture aspects a lot more than the science aspects of the class and while I enjoyed AP Biology, it seems science is not my intended area.

Like many of you I found the revision part very helpful. I never looked at an essay again after turning it in to my teacher in high school; to me that was the end I was done with it. This process forced me to look more closely at my work and really revise, edit, alter, and even rewrite parts of my essay. Though when we were told to rewrite our entire first essays or most of them I was shocked. I had put so much time into that essay and I was being told to start from scratch? Was nothing worth keeping? Through these many revisions I was able to create essays that were a lot better than my first one attempt. This is the most important change for me as a writer, I have never left time for many revisions and when I did most of my revisions were strictly grammatical rather than content based. I go through and change sentences and paragraphs; I add entire concepts when I edit rather than just a few commas.

I now know how to write different types of essays as well, I was very wary of the segmented essay at first and even more about the collaborative essay. The types of writing that we have done in class are nothing like the ones that we did in high school, a group essay would have been a disaster then. In this class the group project was actually my favorite, I had a great time with my group and I think we ended up with a very good end result of our Elle project. Blogging was something entirely new to me, but so is a lot of the technology we used in this class as well.  I liked seeing some of the other things people came up with to post about and the discussions that came out of it.

I have always struggled to figure out where to start with research prompts, this class has taught me how to use the Gelman library as well as how to use sources. The method of BEAM helped to think about how to use a source and what the source was actually being used for which was an important thing to think about, and something that I had not considered before. This has definitely changed my writing from how I would think about sources in high school into a more scholarly level of writing.



Laura Orella

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