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Letter of Reflection

Dear Professor Myers,

I am by default my toughest critic. I used to think that my writing style was somehow wrong because it was different. But through the revisions and the writing we had to do in class, I discovered that just because my writing is unique that does not mean its “wrong.” I have also become more confident in my writing. I have always been a hesitant writer, only writing when forced, and hating it all the while. Now because I am more confident in my work, I do not dread writing assignments as much. I feel prepared to take on the next writing assignments that I know will be thrown my way, though you won’t find me writing a novel anytime soon!

The first essay we had to write, I will openly admit, totally psyched me out. It wasn’t the traditional 5 paragraph essay, but an essay with no real restrictions and an allowance for being creative. I at first had no idea even where to start because I didn’t have any rules to follow. A part of the directions stated, “Since this form relies on associations between sections rather than overt transitions and linear development, you will need to carefully consider not only the content you will include in your essay, but also how you arrange that content.” I found this to not be as difficult as I expected. I found it to be fun and exciting instead! I had control of how I wanted the essay to flow, and by changing up the positions of my sections it changed the idea the reader would get of my essay.  Now reflecting back on this first essay, I realize that I have that control in all my essays, and that the position of certain paragraphs are important to any paper I write. 

 The start of any of my writing assignments always begins with just an idea, whimsical thoughts that have no structure or direction. Next I sit down with pen and paper in hand, and make those free thoughts substantial sentences. I don’t even consider this to be my first draft. My first draft is the first typed version, when I take what I have written and usually change TONS of the paper during the transition from paper to a typed version. This is where I see my most change. Before I started this class I thought the sign of a bad writer was having to rewrite your paper, and having to change most of your essay. Now I see that the rewriting is good, that  rewriting is what allows a writer to be concise. Revision is the key to a good writer. I know that being allowed to rewrite our papers for a better grade in this class has allowed me to come to that conclusion. Noticing that my writing is better every time I revise it, and therefore my grade tends to be better, was a big factor in changing my views on revision. 

The blogging we did in class has also helped to develop my skills as a writer. When I posted my first blog, I had to write it out at least two times before I posted it. By the end of the class I was doing some of the revising in my head, before I typed it out, and it allowed for me to post blogs more efficiently. This class has certainly changed me as an individual, and as a writer. I may have had my quibbles about this class during semester, but the class was one milestone of my college experiences that I will always remember. Thank you for your constructive criticism and always pushing us to do better. You gave us the opportunity to expand our selves and to allow for us as individuals to realize we can always push the envelope and do better.


Mikael Pyrch

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