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Letter of Reflection

Professor Myers,

First off I would to congratulate you on making a writing class that I didn’t hate. I am a kid who loves his facts; science, math and history those are the things I love- writing? Not so much. But this class was very mentally stimulating and provided me with a new outlook on writing classes and writing in general. Now I’m not going to go off and become a writer but, if I were I feel as if this class prepared me well, more so then any other writing based I’ve ever taken. I feel despite being a relatively average writer this class allowed me to improve  specific abilities why also improving my writing as a whole.

I could be like everyone else and talk about the revision process and how it helped me but you and I both know that I just finished my last revision five minutes ago and it was only the first for that essay. But what I can say about your revision process is that I now know that revision is a necessity for the writing process. I know this because while I may not have submitted very many revisions, I was at least conscious that once I am able to better manage my time that revisions should become an essential aspect of my writing process

This class as also showed me that creativity is not really my strongest skill, when I compared my essay one with essay two, it was clear to me which was superior. The first essay was a true struggle for me to complete, with no assigned due date it was hard to be inspired or motivated to write a paper that I would grow to despise as it hung over my head for a week and a half past the advised due date. The thought of having to be creative and write a solid essay was a daunting task but once completed showed me a lot about my writing style. The segmented format forced me to connect ideas that had previously no connection and draw together a wealth of information and memories to compile one mediocre essay about my plans for the future.

The second essay was more my style, argumentative and fact based. I enjoyed the critique because of the simple nature of the prompt; there was no weird format, just simple analysis, much more my speed. This essay also allowed me to grow as a writer in terms of my writing and researching skills. The different uses of a given source were always kind of intuitive for me, but the lessons regarding the BEAM acronym opened my eyes to what I had been naturally doing throughout my entire writing career.

Overall this UW allowed me to improve my writing skills while focusing topics that kept me entertained and interested. Perhaps my least favorite aspect of the class was the blog, while I love the blog because it allowed me a few hours extra sleep on Friday mornings, I failed to see the point and its connection to the class. I understand blogging as a type of media but other than that one intersection I failed to see how it connected to class seeming more like a grade than anything else. It was rare we connected ideas from class to the blog and vice versa, making the blog simply a random collection of posts so you could get a good grade.

Other than my displeasure with the blog I feel this class was highly beneficial to my writing skills and me. I thank you for a great semester and wish you the best in the future.



Kevin G. Jackson

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