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The Grand Finale of Mr. Haysoose

Dear Professor Myers and my Fellow Bloggers,

I’ll be honest with you. I only registered for the Rhetorical Intersections of Science and Media Course because it was either I subject myself to the horrors of this class, or the horrors of the Shakespeare class. I figured, well since this class will eventually deal with something that I actually care about, such as health, media perspective, and perhaps also political controversy, it won’t hurt too much.

Science was something that I was always fascinated with, until high school. That was when things got real. Before high school, science was Dexter’s Laboratory + Hands on Science Experiments. High school science was Textbooks + ? + Mathematics. So naturally, when I stepped foot into the class, I was expecting Soviet gulag style emaciation of the mind through the overload of complex and enigmatic information.

The first writing assignment had one of the most Soviet gulag style essay prompts possible. It gave you so much freedom in that it was broad, yet it gave you so little freedom at the same time since it forced you to move out of your comfort zone. Then again, a free gazelle will always take more risks than one at the zoo. After multiple attempts to write it, I decided that the best way to go about this is to rethink the entire essay, as well as the format. I realized the potential of the format of the segmented essay and went on from there. To this day, it has to be one of my favorite essays I have ever written. This class taught me to revise, and to write in a style that I was never familiar with. Eventually, I would use that format in a philosophy paper where I received a satisfying grade.

I’ve always known that I was a decent writer. However, during the course of the class, I realized that it is not just enough to be a decent writer, or perhaps, I wasn’t a good writer at all. I can not just superficially edit a paper at the sentence level. Entire essays must be rewritten in different ways. I agree with Jada; I realized that although I was successful in the years prior to this one, I was not free from my single trusted method of writing. Instead, I was imprisoned in a low-risk format that starved myself of creativity.

Regarding scholarly research, Lindsay is completely right. When I was in high school, I also wrote essays where I state facts as if they were common knowledge. I never cited my sources, nor did I know how. (Note: You can thank my AP English teacher for that. She was a horrible teacher who could barely speak the language.) All this changed when I started to work with my group as we tackle the issues of… (deleted to hide my identity). I learned from my group that it is no longer adequate to just state facts. All claims must be cited, otherwise they are merely claims. I could not let my group down so I learned to cite sources and I realized how crucial it is to do so, not to mention that it was a lot easier than I expected.

One of my favorite parts of the class was that it thought us how to research and how to use the tools that we coughed up $60,000 for. These tools are very practical in that I can use them for both my studies as well as for my other endeavors. Lexus Nexus proved to be very valuable in helping me write my group essay as well as teaching me more about my fraternity and its history.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about this class was its utilization of this blog that we are all writing on. It was a very amusing addition to the class. I must apologize for not posting any articles lately, but I was unable to log on, until today, for some odd reason… I had quite a few articles i wanted to post, yet I could not, but I’ll wave those ideas for my own blog in the future.

I’ve always wanted to keep my own blog, but I was not experienced. However due to my success as a blogger on the class blog, as well as the skills that I have gained, I will start my own blog as soon as finals are over. Now I just have to find an area where greatness has yet to be achieved.

To Professor Myers, I thank you for inspiring me to stop procrastinating. After all, it is the only way for me to benefit from the revision strategies that you have taught us. I thank you for giving us some of the most thoughtful and thorough comments on our essays in the effort to shape us into better writers, as well as encouraging me to begin writing my own blog. I’d also like to thank all you Men and Women of UW:20 54, and 57 for making this experience truly enlightening, for providing such a large readership on my articles, as well as for putting up with my cynical comments.



With Lots of Love to All,


To Professor Myers!

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