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Letter of Reflection

Dear Professor Myers, and classmates,

As a student who loved math and science in high school, I usually wrote one draft of a paper, and then revised about 20% of it, using the first essay’s format. Now, I realize that it is imperative to not only revise more, but completely revamp the paper. For my first revision of essay 1 I basically rewrote the essay using only the themes from my first essay. When I look back on both essays I can truly appreciate the act of revision, and how my second draft was substantially better. UW 20 has fully made me appreciate the art of revision. The use of outlining has also played a bigger role in my writing this semester. I used to just sit down with my thoughts and just begin writing. I realize this tends to create jumbled, disoriented, unfocused papers. With the use of outlining it is much simpler to get my thoughts on paper, and then one by one focus on each section of the paper and put 100% of my effort into that section. 

I considered myself a pretty decent writer; thinking my first draft was enough. But, after this class I believe I’ve grown as a writer not just because of revision, but also the use of sources in a more thorough and useful way. I used to just use a “source”, now i know if it is an exhibit source, argument source, etc. Having this knowledge lets me as a writes pick the best source possible and back up my writing. I really enjoyed the BEAM discussion as well and this opened my eyes on how to think about my writing and develop it. Seeing the differences in writing styles, and the physical answers i wrote in the quiz at the beginning of the semester compared to the end really summarized my semester in this writing class. I’m very proud of myself as a writer and reviser due to my knowledge gained this semester.

When talking about the scholarly approach to our writing I believe that they go hand in hand. Scholars are viewed as experts in their field, however if they cannot convey their ideas and findings well there’s no point. For this reason I find writing strongly necessary. When both are perfected, writing scholarly is attained.  The scholarly process is one that I believe we have strived to achieve in our final essays. It is an accumulation of everything we’ve been working on this year, research, an outline, the revision process, peer review, rewrites, addition of more sources, and finalizing. 

This first semester has been an eye opening writing experience. I can say that I haven’t needed to revise as much as I ever have in any writing class before. This, however, is no slight. I believe it has made me a better writer, and I am happy about the growth that has occurred this semester. This is not to say that I am done either. There is certainly more room for growth and I will continue to work at revision and my use of sources throughout my college career. 


All the best,




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