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Letter of Reflection


Dear Professor Myers and Fellow Students of UW20,


When the semester first started, I wasn’t looking forward to having to take a freshman writing class, nor was I excited about the subject of the course; science. In all my thirteen years of schooling, I’ve always has a great disdain for the scientific process so you can only imagine how I felt when first coming in to this class. As a declared English major, I felt that certain things just shouldn’t mix with writing, science being on of them. When professor Myers first started discussing what we’d be doing in the class I was extremely confused and immediately stressed out. I never understood science, I didn’t know how to analyze scientific findings, and couldn’t even begin to comprehend some of the logistics of it all so I had no idea how I was going to write about it.

I thought that the first essay assignment would simply kill my hope for any type of interest in this class. This prompt wasn’t clear and I was left confused for days. Never have I thrown myself in to a paper without instructions hanging over my head or an outline under my belt. Professor Myers, I know that you know I struggled with this essay. However, in the end I was grateful for the chance to be creative and write something that actually mattered to me. From that paper I came to realize why science made me so uneasy and after that a small interest started to develop in trying to really understand it all. After that assignment the other two papers came a little easier because I knew how to work at it and I worked hard.

One of the main things I dread about this class was re-writing. I never re-wrote anything. In high school, honestly, my teacher was lucky if I even fixed grammar mistakes. Once I finished writing a paper, I never looked back at it, so this class’ “two minimum re-write” really upset me. However, I see what you, professor Myers, was trying to get us to do. When we, as students, write essays we tend to think that it’s the best way to go and if we make any drastic changes we’ll mess it up, or a least that’s how I used to think. After completing these re-writes I’ve come to realize how I was a prisoner to my own writing. Instead of controlling it, it controlled me. It made me rethink my entire writing process. There were so many things I did differently in my re-write that I didn’t think of doing in my first draft. The writing process that has been presented to us is definitely something I will be using in the future to improve my style of writing and develop my voice as a writer even more. I truly believe that the re-writers make the best writers.

I didn’t even remember the quiz we had taken at the beginning of the semester until Monday morning. After comparing the end of the semester quiz to the one we took in beginning I began to see how much I had taken away from this class. The first quiz made my insecurities, discomfort, and little knowledge evident. A lot of questions were blank or were answered in one sentence that didn’t say much of anything. The second quiz was overflowing with new answers. It is clear that I have developed some sort of interest in the science field, how science is reported on, and how society views the science presented to them. Though I won’t be changing majors, I have definitely found a respect for the relation of science, culture and media.

This class unexpectedly presented me with new styles and processes of writing, different ways of thinking, the unknown world of blogging, what goes on behind the scenes of the media, and the question of the credibility of science. Though this class was one of the hardest of my semester, I am glad that I took, not only a UW20 but, UW20:57.




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