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Combating Deforestation

With all the talk about climate change and the United Nations Climate Change Conference going on, the fact that the earth is getting warmer isn’t being ignored. A great tool to combat climate change, however, is carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration is the process of moving carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and a great source of this process comes from the rainforest.

It’s been perceived throughout the world that a growing environmental problem is the deforestation of the rainforest. Deforestation practically eliminates all biodiversity in a certain area and strips the soil of all its nutrients. Once this happens, it is left bare and companies move on to the next plot of land to deforest. This process is ruining the rarity and beauty of the rainforest, as well as its biodiversity.

Lucky for us, this article explains a sign of hope and sustainability with regards to the rainforest. Scientists have found that the rate of deforestation is the lowest its been since the first year of records. This is a positive sign, considering in 2003-2004 Brazil’s rainforests lost 10,700 square miles, which was a historic amount.

It is still hard to tell if deforestation rates are truly decreasing or if is was just a one year trend. Since the rainforest is such an aid against climate change, do you think people are starting to understand the significance of them? Should the rainforest be more closely monitored for deforestation or is it not a big deal?

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