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Letter of Reflection

Dear Professor Myers,


When I first began this class, I never really realized what it was intended for. I thought in some sense that this class was for teaching us how to use proper grammar, citations and how to incorporate research into our work, however it served a higher purpose. Over all this class was way more than a “how to” class. This class made subtle remarks on how to do things however this class was very individualistic in the sense that it required its student to write, revise and formulate structure that portrays clarity, fluidity and depth. Although research, blogs and scientific material was a big part of this class curriculum, this class seemed to help me with my sentence structure and organization skills.

In the question that asked about how much of my essay I revise, I stated 20%. This was a lie. The first day of class, the first quiz of the semester, all I really wanted to do was give you what you wanted to hear. But in actuality, before I took this class I barely made revisions, if any, they had to do with spelling grammar and other writing mechanics. When I look back on the semester, it surprises me to see how much revision I have done. In some cases I have rewritten my entire essays. Essay one for example was one of my favorite essays of this semester. I was very passionate about what I was going to write and what I wanted to say that when I began to write some of my ideas started to come out naturally. However, after you looked at it and gave me very useful critique on it I realized that I had the right idea however it definitely needed more work with sentence structure. I rewrote that entire essay from scratch with the same essence as my first essay and I produced a better paper. However you did critique on it once more and gave me more tips on formulating more fluid sentences, and perhaps if I were to rewrite that essay once more, there would be a good chance that I would produce a masterpiece .

This class led me to realize the importance of revision and it really helped me with sentence structure. One of favorite exercises that we did in class was when we emulated sentence structure form various different authors. I actually used that same technique when I was trying to write my own essays. I would find a piece of writing that appealed to me and I would try to emulate the structure using my own words. This exercise was perhaps the most beneficial for me since it helped me make my essays more fluid. Also the fact that we were forced to come up with a piece of writing in a few minutes was another technique that I found very helpful. Usually it would take me hours to formulate sentences; however I learned how to write quickly and efficiently.

Overall I found this class to be very useful. Although I do have room for more improvement, I think this class has helped me become a better writer. Revision, something that I really didn’t pay much attention to before, has become one thing that I work really hard on nowadays. I write a draft and I revise it and then in some cases rewrite. Formulating sentences has become more natural now. I hope to improve more with my writing but I can honestly say that I am leaving this class with a great start.





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