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Livermorium and Flerovium?

On Thursday December 1st, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry announced two new elements that would be added to the periodic table after the new names undergo a 5 month “public comment period” before the official paperwork gets drawn up. And yup, you guessed it, the two elements are Livermoruim and Flerovium. The interesting thing about these elements is that they are extremely unstable and can only be made in the lab, and they fall apart in other elements as well. Not much is known about these elements since they aren’t found in nature and you can’t really do experiments with elements that are this unstable and fall apart easily. These elements were originally synthesized 10 years ago, and experiments followed to confirm their status as elements. These elements will fit into the 114 and 116 spots in the periodic table which is located in the bottom right corner. So what’s with the weird names? Well, Flerovium is named after the Russian physicist, Gregoriy Flerov, who’s work that he shared with Stalin led to the USSR’s atomic bomb project. Livermorium is named after the city of Livermore, which is where the lab is located that hosted the creation of Livermorium when calcium and curium were mashed together. I think the creation of elements is pretty cool and how the names come to be. I wonder what incredible creations could occur in our lifetime, and what these advances will lead to. 

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  1. December 7, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    It seems like the names of these two elements were made up on the spot or something. They don’t flow well and the fact that liver is in one of the element’s names is bizarre. Maybe the names just take some getting used to though. A lot of names sound different or weird when they are first conceived, but I think it probably takes some getting used to.

    As far as advancements, the creation of new elements is fascinating and really interesting. It’s cool to know that scientific advancements result in the creation of things so small like an element, which to me always represented the base for everything in chemistry. It is probable to believe that scientists will continue to mix different elements together to create more, and I hope they do.

    Thinking about it more I hope the public comment period influences the creators of these elements to rethink the names. At least change Livermorium. Flerovium sounds like it could one day fit into periodic table fluently, but as long as liver is in the name, that one will not.

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