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The “Snob” Diet

So if you are anything like me, you ate way  too much this weekend and might be wondering if you have done irreparable damage. I was also working tirelessly on my research paper for our UW class, which, for my class is all about diet and exercise (and the media of course). I also happened to have the December issue of Glamour magazine at hand, and came across an article about their new fad diet, the “snob” diet.

I wish I still had the magazine with me, and unfortunately I was not able to find the article online, but basically the article is just about eating more nutrient rich foods rather than processed, “low-fat” foods. I thought this was interesting, and I kind of want to try the diet partially because it promotes eating foods that most diets would steer clear from: cheese, bread, some sweets etc. The article states that if you are eating good, rich foods you will eat less and receive a more well-balanced diet. I actually found a blog that goes over the diet, if you want to see that.

Now I could get all worked up about how the media should stop pressuring women to look a certain way (believe me, I have lots of research to back me up) but I actually liked this idea. I don’t know if it would actually work, but I have always hated the idea that you cannot eat the foods that you want and still be “fit.” But it makes sense that all of the foods that are made for dieting are actually nutritionally insufficient, and therefore can easily leave you wanting. Personally, it is in this wanting more phase that I end up snacking, which I think is probably the most unhealthy thing to do.

So what do you think? Are you interested in nutrition? Do you agree with Glamour that it is okay to be a “snob?” Do you have any good tricks for staying healthy this holiday season?

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  1. November 28, 2011 at 4:45 am

    So apparently I read too many magazines, because whenever a post about an article in Cosmo or Glamour comes up I seem to have read the actual article. I remember it saying that this diet made people put higher quality food in their systems and become more particular about what they eat. The author made a special point about this not meaning that the food had to be more expensive. As it has been said before in this blog, moderation is important. So if you want to eat certain foods I say go for it, but do not binge eat on the chocolate, maybe just a piece and you will fulfill the craving without causing the snacking.

  2. November 28, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    I’ve always been a big proponent of portion control and healthy eating if someone wants to lose weight. It’s always seemed perfectly logical to me to eat a balanced diet and not to overindulge. In my house growing up, if my mom had wanted to lose weight, dinners would become rich salads chock-full of beans, avocado, salami, tomato, healthy greens, carrots, mushrooms, a veritable smorgasbord. While this may be a little different than the theories proposed in the “snob diet”, the article you’re talking about reminds me a lot of a book that was getting a lot of buzz a few years back: French Women Don’t Get Fat. It basically discusses the “French Paradox” of how the French indulge in rich cheese, bread, wine, and pastries, often as parts of decadent three-course meals, and still stay svelte and oh-so-classically French. While I haven’t read this book, it seems to be the same general concept and an interesting one at that. If anyone’s interested, here’s a link explaining more:

  3. December 5, 2011 at 3:28 am

    As an athlete, I am very interested in nutrition and it is very importatnt to my everyday life. I have to make sure to eat at least 3 solid meals a day, some with a lot of protein after weight lifting or with a lot of carbs before a sporting event. I have to pay attention to everything that I eat and what I put in my body. I would agree that it is totally oay to be a snob. Foods filled with nutrients will provide your body with more energy, meaning you won’t need to eat as much in order to get enough energy for the day. As for advice for staying healthy over the break, I would say to make sure not to eat too many sweets while also making sure to get some sort of exercise, no matter the amount. Definately enjoy the break and enjoy the many foods of the holiday season, but dont get carried away.

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