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Heart Attack Proof

Heart disease is a big killer in America. Many men and women have heart problems and do not even know until it is too late. Usually the best way to counter this is to recognize the problem early on so you can change your lifestyle in time.

One, doctor however, has come up with a new way to treat heart disease. In fact, Dr. Caldwell is saying if you follow this regiment your heart will be heart attack proof.

In the article it says that the diet consists of no meat, no dairy, no eggs, and no added oils. If you can stay away from those foods you will basically be heart attack free for life.

In college it is really hard to eat healthy because of time constraints and lack of effort to eat well. College kids normally want something quick they can take with them, even if it is healthy or not. GW in the past few years has made it a point to increase the quality of their food on campus which is great and a positive step for other schools to follow.

Having said all this, is this heart attack proof diet feasible for a college student, let alone a person living at home? I know it would be a serious struggle for a lot of college kids to get the proper nutrients they need while avoiding these foods. So what do you think? Can kids in college easily be on a heart attack proof diet? Can regular people living at home? What does it say about American food that we have to stop eating these foods completely in order to avoid heart attacks?

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  1. dj74
    November 28, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    I am all for natural remedies that have a proven success rate, however I cannot believe that this diet regiment will make you immune to heart attacks. Although I have not delved deeply into this research, I know from middle school biology that in order to maintain a healthy diet, one must consume the basic food groups, or find some adequate supplements.

    On the list of foods this doctor said to stay away from, there was meat, diary, eggs and added oils. The doctor is essentially advising people to stay away from any foods that are high in protein and natural fats. However, you need protein for strong muscles and bones (the heart is a muscle), and fats are necessary for energy and sugar. I am no doctor (yet), but I can’t comprehend any reason to completely eliminate these food groups from one’s diet in order to become “heart attack proof”.

    Heart attacks occur when there is blood flow is backed up and the heart cannot efficiently pump blood throughout the body. The most common cause of heart attack occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries and blood begins to clot and block the passageway forcing the heart to pump harder. However, this generally happens to individuals who consume fats, sugars, or other, in excess. A normal diet is the main preventative tactic against heart attack.

  2. November 30, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Maybe this diet will make you heart attack proof, but I have a feeling that if you cut all of those healthy and unhealthy things out of your diet, there is going to be some sort of repercussion. Yes, all of the nutrients that a person would normally get from these foods are available elsewhere. I imagine it would look something like a vegan low oil diet, but a more standard diet and exercise regimen seems more logical to me.

    In this case, the effort put into avoiding a heart attack just seems too much to me. There are so many life threatening medical issues a person could face that to so drastically change your life because of just one seems illogical. From my understanding of heart attacks by way of the media, they more commonly occur in those who were not eating a healthy diet anyway. Unless one lives with a phobia surrounding just heart attacks, smaller, easier steps toward a healthier life would seem to be more beneficial.

    In terms of college life, I would think this type of diet would be incredibly unmanageable. I have a vegetarian roommate, and he often – especially n the weekends – has trouble finding something to eat, healthy or not. How to in follow these rules, get all of the needed nutrients and not go broke (Whole Foods) in DC is beyond me.

  3. December 4, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    College students need milk in their cereal therefore, this diet seems to be very unmanageable. Along with having a diet, staying active is also a key part to staying healthy. Its really hard for students to cut off of certain types of food if they’re just hustling and bustling everywhere they go. Most college students are however active and therefore eating meat and dairy is kind of necessary. I think a new study about staying active should be implemented along with a healthier diet. It is definitely a difficult task to cut back on foods that make up key staples of each and every meal we all eat but other studies have shown that that staying active can also help with heart disease.

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