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Water’s new look…well, maybe.

According to a post on the blog of the Discovery News website, there may actually be a new form of water on the verge of discover. As students, we were taught early on that matter comes in four different forms: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. According to this blog post however, water, given the right circumstances can retain its liquid for in sub-32 degree Fahrenheit (0 degree Celsius) temperature.

Yet, this theory has yet to be witnessed or proven in nature. In fact, the article only refers to computer modelling of the supposed phenomenon. As the post says, “laboratory equipment isn’t sensitive enough to observe the rapid transformation from regular liquid water to the fourth form.”

My question is, “how can you propose a scientific hypothesis without the ability to objectively prove it?” Is it actually or technically scientific to explore this idea in a serious manner without any evidence that the phenomenon is capable of being exhibited in nature and not just in a computer’s modelling algorithm? What are your thoughts? Is this worth exploring?

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  1. November 27, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    Now this isn’t exactly scientific, but I had seen water in its liquid form at minus-32 degree temperatures, namely: rain. In my hometown, seeing rain was about as expected as seeing boat shoes here at GW (i.e. very). Even during the winter, more likely than not, we’d get rain, not snow. Now this isn’t to say that we didn’t experience cold winters in Woodinville, quite the opposite in fact. Because of our high elevation, we would often have the coldest, wettest winters of western Washington. But for some reason or other, even in 17 degree temperature, we would still occasionally see rain instead of snow. No one could ever really explain why to anyone’s satisfaction, but the fact remained that we did indeed witness liquide H2O in sub-32 degree temperatures. And while it may not be the same super-cool underwater liquid, it’s still pretty cool by me.

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