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Merging Reality and Virtuality

I was reading an article earlier today that was really interesting. Titled Control an avatar with your brain, it talked about how a bunch of Israeli scientists have created a new technology, which uses an fMRI brain scanner to read brain waves and thus control either a physical or virtual avatar. I think this technology has a lot of potential for military implementation. Think about it we could have robotic soliders controlled by real soldiers back at base camp. They could be hooked up to these machines and avoid the real danger of actually being in real combat. The machines could be humanoid or even robots based on wheels, but regardless they could be controlled and act like real combat fighting soldiers and using the judgements of a real person because they are hooked up to one. This technology could even be used for bomb squads to defuse bombs without putting themselves in danger. I really hope that these scientists expand their work on this project, because it has a huge amount of potential. What does everyone think are some more applications for this type of technology? Any foreseeable problems?

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  1. November 27, 2011 at 5:59 am

    Can anyone say “Surrogates?” Yeah I’m referring to the 2009 movie with Bruce Willis. It wasn’t his best movie, but you get my point. It was about people living through robots that they could control with their minds while experiencing their actions through the robots’ eyes. If this technology is legitimate then that is exactly where we could be heading: a world where people live their lives through robots. That’s depressing!

    One the other hand, this technology could let people experience things that couldn’t otherwise exist. Think “Inception.” In that movie, the characters played with impossible architecture like the Penrose Steps. People could experience things like that through a computer simulated avatar. It could even go so far as to grow into a “Tron-like” universe.

    My point is that if this really awesome technology is really working, then the science fiction movies that most people say are cool but impossible, may just actually become part of our reality. To me, that sounds really cool!

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