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Pay the farmer, or pay the hospital !

Pay the Farmer, or Pay the Hospital, is a quote stated by an 11 year Birke Baeher at the Ted conference against the company Monesto. Monesto is a genetically modifying food company who’s aim is to genetically modify food that is accessible to our large growing population. If you watch the video that is linked you’ll find your self agreeing with Birke Baeher, however we can look at GMOs in a different way.

             Yes, it is true that there are many objections with genetically modified foods. Its kinda going nature, and how organisms were ment to be. Also most of the genetic modifiers out there make food generally for their own profits. We can take a look at the suicide farmers in India. Monesto a GMO company introduced its seeds to illiterate farmers in India and soon it caused a greater supply than demand and a depletion of fertile soil. So the farmers whose natural crops weren’t being sold because of the Monesto crops committed suicide because they weren’t making any profits. Yeah, this has to do with company  profits however there are other objections as well. Foods that are genetically modified  are basically made that way to successfully feed our entire population. This results in a higher yeild of crops, however higher yeild leads to higher chemical use. Pesticides and other chemicals are used to make all of these genetically modified crops. This isn’t good for our bodies, as well as our soil, water and air. GMOs go against what nature intended for us. Not only are crops modified but animals are also modified. Animals are also genetically modified. A recent modification project has to do with fish and making them grow huge, to feed our population.

            All of this compares to the fact that our population is growing buy the hundreds each and every second. Our population is said to reach over 9 billion by 2050. How do we feed all of these people. Genetically modified food is probably the only way. In a way due to GMOs were feeding a large population. We’re feeding the billions of starving childeren in lesser developed countries. We’re feeding the billions of people who go hungry every day. But at what ultimate cost?  How do you feel about the topic?

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